Best Balloon Twisters in Cincinnati, OH

We’ve been making balloon animals longer than anyone in Cincinnati! We make them quicker too! We don’t mean to brag, but our balloon artists are the friendliest and we never turn kids away. As a matter of fact we even make an offer that no other balloon artist makes… We can make balloon animals while on stilts!

We’ve been twisting balloons for Cincinnati
for over twenty years.

If your child, or you got a balloon animal at the Lebanon Train Station or Newport on the Levee there’s a good chance it was one of our balloon artists. We wear lots of costumes, but if your balloon artist was in red and white striped pants or on stilts it was us!

We’d like to work with you at your next event.
Contact Us at (513) 921-5454 or shoot an email to to get started!

Why hire our balloon artists:

  • Top Quality
  • We’re affordable
  • Speed – we’re FAST
  • We’re super friendly
  • Ours can walk on stilts
  • Clean faces & no clowns
  • We’ll never call to cancel

The Cincinnati Circus Company balloon artist is a true masters of their craft. They’re also multi-talented awesome people who go out of their way to make everyone feel special. While balloon artistry is their specialty many of our artists juggle, walk on stilts, perform magic and eat fire. So while it’s completely okay to hire one of our artist strictly for balloon art, we understand if you want a stilt walking, pin juggling, fire-fire eating magician who happens to make awesome balloon art too.

Balloon Artists for Every Event

Balloon artists are great for a lot of different events. Really good balloon artists can even be great for conferences as they are truly artists. Here is a short list of events that we often provide balloon artists for….

  • Company Picnics
  • Festivals
  • Stores
  • Municipal Events
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • County Fairs
  • Conferences
  • Holiday Parties

Anywhere, where there will be a lot of people is a great place for a balloon artist. Our people are talented and friendly. Best of all we aren’t clowns, we’re artists. If you were hoping for a clown, please consider a juggler instead, or a magician. We can provide either if you would like.

Balloon Artist Photo Gallery

A Balloon Animal Christmas Story

I remember a little boy at Christmas time, he was dressed in spider man pajamas. He even had the mask. As child after child came forward I made all my usual balloons. When this boy got to the front he and I asked him what he’d like me to make, he said one word, “spiderman.” His mother chided him, “Wouldn’t you prefer a reindeer.” The boys face never faltered he wanted a spiderman balloon animal.

In that moment I flashed back to a moment in from my own childhood. I remembered my grandfather taking me to an amusement park, when I was probably around the same age as this boy. He took me up to the balloon artist and said, “make him something good.” I can remember my face flushing with fear and embarrassment, “What if they couldn’t? What if they wouldn’t?” had raced through my mind. In that moment as a child I had wanted nothing more than to be amazed. The balloon artist had responded with aplomb. “Of course!” she replied and she made for me a five balloon bicycle, which I now make for children and have never forgotten.

I can make a spiderman balloon, he’s really cool, but he’s complex with a web and everything. I was in the Carew tower mall and had a long line of children all hoping for a Christmas balloon, but I wouldn’t disappoint the boy. “Of course I will make you a spiderman!” I hasten to say, “buy one moment please.” And then I called to all the parents in my line. “Parents, I will make a balloon for all of your children, but your time is important. Now up in front is this precious little boy dressed up as spiderman and he has asked me for a spiderman balloon and I’m going to make him one, but if I make every child a spiderman it will take a really long time. So parents if you will suggest reindeer, candy cans, dogs, giraffes, butterflies and flowers to your children. The line will go by much quicker.”

I made the young boy the spiderman and I could see that it moved him more than I could now describe. It moved him like my balloon bike did long ago. Then in a true Christmas miracle every parent’s child asked for simple balloons and the line moved very fast.

Another Balloon Animal Story

I always carry balloon animals. I have used them in many situations. Some of the balloon animals I carry are tricks of the trade and very unique. I have one balloon that is shaped like a goose, even when it’s uninflated. One day I was approached by three twelve year old boys with attitude. There mothers were behind them feeling sorry for me as the boys insisted loudly that they too would like balloon animals.

“No problem.” with confidence and a nod to the mothers not to worry. The first boy asked for dragon, which I made. The second trying to raise the stakes asked for a an octopus, which I also made. The final boy with an air of victory announced that he would like a duck. I couldn’t believe my luck. “Ah that’s very difficult, all three of you will have to close your eyes and turn around and I’ll make it.” When they had I pulled the duck from my balloon apron and held it up for the mothers to see. We fought back snickers as I blew up the duck without effort and announced that I was done.

The boys minds were blown as they walked away.

Not much of a story, but perhaps the best of all.

I was on stage and down in front was a tired child who had begun to weep. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me… I walked to my show case with all my props and blew up a balloon with my hands out of site and the presented it to the child, and soothed their tears. I love my job.       Dave Willacker