Carnival Sideshow

The darker side of circus

The darker side of circus, this is the real thing!

Step right up for the gross and the amazing. Unique acts that you’ll see nowhere else! You'll be blown away by the pretty girl that eats live roaches, the fire eater, glass walking, bed of nails, whip cracking, the real electric chair, oddities, and eccentric acts. Volunteers and surprises. This show is set within a 20 x 20 enclosed tent with stage and lighting. Average show runs 30-40 minutes. Shows are followed by palm reading.


Brandi Clark

Halloween Show

Great things to add to your side show event…

Palm Reader
Fire Performer
Reptile Petting Zoo
An actual main stage circus act. (Traditionally side shows were a tent next to the main stage. The main stage had all of the acts of beauty and comedy while the side show tent offered the gross and off putting for an additional charge). We do offer a main stage show is is referred to as our “Big Show,” and it’s the perfect complement to our Sideshow.

Side shows feature Carnival Barker Dave Willacker and gypsy Brandi Clark.

Listen to Dave & Brandi on American Dreamers

Ask about our special Halloween performances

Halloween, everyone’s favorite time of year to embrace the spooky and mysterious. Maybe you yearn for something more nostalgic, terrifying, gruesome, and astonishing than the latest slasher film or haunted house. Given it’s the perfect time of year, we thought we might take a moment tell you about something that’s going on with the circus…something a little darker, a little more curious.

The Carnival Sideshow. While the big top may be getting all the glory, it’s the Sideshow that captured the crowd. Traditionally, the Sideshow would be the tent off of the main tent. For an additional charge, audience members would marvel at the gruesome acts and oddities inside. We’ve whipped up our own, stand-alone Sideshow.

Draw back the curtain if you dare, and enter our Sideshow where your worst nightmares are lived for your entertainment, led by our carnival barker, performed by gypsies and mad carnival workers.

Can you stomach the thought of live roaches, swallowed by a pretty girl? Or can you take the heat of fire eating before your very eyes?

If you feel the pain of others easily, avert your eyes; we’ve only begun. Hear the wicked crunch of broken glass under bare feet and try not to imagine it on your own. Watch, wide-eyed while we perform mind-bending stunts on a bed of nails and try not to get the chills.

If nails and broken glass are too tame for you, feast your eyes on our whip cracking and real electric chair. Their sights, sounds, and sensation will be burned into your mind.

More peculiarities will be performed, but we can’t give too much away. We wouldn’t want to scare you. Although we might ask you to join us. We’ll need volunteers who can handle the thrill and terror.

Finish out your evening with your fortune being told by a palm reader. Be amazed at how much your hand will betray you.

Of course, if you’re not ready to be done, you’re welcome to be amazed by our magicians or enjoy a scaly reptile petting zoo. Whatever oddities please you, we can accommodate. Let’s make this Halloween one that’s difficult to forget.


Call (513) 921-5454 for more information - if you DARE!