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"Bring your phobias to every show we're going to keep you laughing while we exploit them!"
... "I mean... explore them."

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Be Astonished!

Unique acts that you’ll see nowhere else! You'll be blown away by the pretty girl that eats live roaches, the fire eater, glass walking, bed of nails, whip cracking, the real electric chair, oddities, and eccentric acts. This campy, funny, and painful show is a real audience pleaser! Includes audience volunteers and surprises and fire!

Traveling Funny
Vaudeville Show!

We're a traveling show full of awesome acts and amazing performers who astonish audiences at large events, universities, corporate parties, fairs, and carnivals. In short - we're for hire. If you have an upcoming event that needs an upgrade in entertainment - we're your show. Call Anytime for more information.

Exciting and funny. Dry and fresh. You'll laugh out loud and so will your kids! Teenagers will love it! This classic vaudeville comedy sideshow will entertain everyone at your festival or fair. Brandi and Dave's comedy sideshow is a funny exploration of human phobias. The show is about 40 minutes in length with a cockroach meet and greet after the show. We offer up to four shows a day. We are easy to work with and can bring everything we need including a stage. We travel the entire country performing Feel free to ask about our bug tent and electric chair photo shoot, for after the show!

Rent Our Mobile Stage!

Our signature mobile stage is available for all outdoor sideshow performances and more! Rent our mobile stage for your event or party today! Great for bands comedy performances and more. If your having an outdoor gathering and need an easy cost effective stage solution, our mobile stage is perfect for you.

Meet Our Sideshow Entertainers

Dave & Brandie In Action

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Sideshow Acts

Every show begins with a crowd gather. Not every act is in every show. To be honest we perform way more acts than are on this list. If we are performing four shows in a day we can mix it up through out the day, or perform an all fire show at dusk. It is also possible to cut fire entirely from a show if it's indoors or for a younger audience. Brandi and Dave have performed thousands of shows. They will read the audience in front of them and respond. You laugh and enjoy their spontaneity! Every show ends with autographs and crowd meet and greet.

And So Much More...

  • Aerial Acrobatics
  • Audience Volunteers
  • Bed of Nails
  • Bed of Swords
  • Blow Dart
  • Bug Eat
  • Cockroach Coffin
  • Contortion
  • Electric Chair
  • Fire
  • Fire Eating
  • Hula Hooping
  • Juggling
  • Knife Throwing
  • Ladder of swords
  • Marshmallow Act
  • Pickled Punk
  • Punch and Judy Puppets
  • Sawza Bunny
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Stapler
  • Stuffed Animal Autopsy
  • Walking on broken glass
  • Whip Cracking

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Colleges and Festivals
Fairs and Company Picnics

Comedy Sideshow! Fun for the whole family!

Comedy Sideshow! Fun for the whole family!

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