The Cincinnati Circus Company offers the finest hand made oak casino tables for rent. We also offer everything else you might need to rent for a casino party. We even offer dealers, decorations and entertainment.

Cincinnati Casino Nights, Monte Carlo Nights & Casino Parties!

We regularly throw casino parties for bar and bat mitzvahs, after proms, company holiday parties, company team building, conferences, and fund raisers. All of our experience has taught us how to make every event special. When we put on a casino night there are many things that we do differently and better than any other casino night company.

All of our dealers are professional entertainers. First it means your casino dealer will be friendly! Who doesn’t want a friendly, charming dealer? We’ve heard horror stories about other companies busing in retired dealers who are grumpy or using kids to deal. All of our dealers are friendly, professional, entertainers. Second we really are a circus who excels at casino nights. Just because we’re all dressed up, don’t let it fool you, your dealer might be a professional magician, or a fire eater. No other casino night company offers this important difference. Wow! how cool is it that the person dealing your cards will get everyone at your table clapping and cheering as they walk on their hands around your table??? We actually compete with each other to see who can get their table to make the most noise! Everyone has a great time!

Of course not every casino night wants this kind of extravagance and that’s okay. We’re happy to just deal if that’s what will benefit your event. Make sure to tell us if your event is one that requires tuxedos we will happily accommodate.

Classic Casino Tables

Rent these Four to start your casino night.
Classic Casino Tables # of Players Skill of Player Seated or Standing
Craps 16* Beginner – Expert Standing
Roulette 16* Beginner – Moderate Standing
Texas-Hold’em 9* Advanced – Expert Seated
Black Jack or 21 9* Moderate – Advanced Seated

* These estimates are the maximum for play at one time. They include the dealer. Not everyone needs to be playing at any given time, and with the exception of Texas Hold’em players will get up and move from table to table or to go get they’re picture taken or check out the prizes.

Popular Casino Tables

Rent these casino tables after you’ve rented the classic casino tables. It’s also not a bad idea to simply rent more casino black jack tables.
Popular Casino Tables # of Players Skill of Player Seated or Standing
Beat the Dealer 16* Beginner Standing
Casino War 9* Beginner Seated
Chuck a Luck 9* Beginner Seated
Let it Ride 9* Moderate – Advanced Seated
3 Card Poker 9* Moderate – Advanced Seated
Cash Cube 3* Beginner Standing
Break the Safe 3* Beginner Standing
Big 6 8* Beginner Standing

* These estimates are the maximum for play at one time. They include the dealer. Not everyone needs to be playing at any given time, and with the exception of Texas Hold’em players will get up and move from table to table or to go get their picture taken or check out the prizes.

Themed Casino Tables

There’s nothing wrong with introducing a themed casino table to any event. Themed tables are fun especially for new players. We’re also happy to dress up to match your theme. We are often dressed in flapper dresses and zoot suits for “Big Easy, Gangster, Roaring Twenties, Gatsby Parties”. We also dress up Hawaiian / Tropical and Western quite often.
Themed Casino Tables # of Players Skill of Player Seated or Standing Theme
Baccarat 12* Beginner – Expert Standing Spy / James Bond
Faro 9* Moderate Seated Western
Fast Fish Racing 10* Beginner Standing Tropical
Hermet Crab Racing 10* Beginner Standing Tropical
Derby Horse Race 5* Beginner Standing Western / Gangster / Derby
Bail & Jail 4* Beginner Standing Fundraiser / Western / Gangster
Knife Throwing Station 4* Beginner Standing Western

Casino Decor

  • Light Up “Casino”
  • Light Up “Welcome to Las Vegas”
  • Giant Cards
  • Giant Chips
  • Poker Hands Signs

Themed Casino Nights Decor

Gangster Themed Casino Nights

  • Gangster Cut Outs
  • Gangster Themed Green Screen Photography
  • Frosted Glass Silhouettes
  • Moonshine Still
  • Silver Gangster Living Statue

Western Themed Casino Nights

  • Western Jail
  • Barrels & Saddles
  • Welcome to the O.K. Corral Archway
  • Western Shooting Range
  • Pioneer Knife Throwing
  • Faro Table
  • Western Cut Outs
  • Human Table Saloon Girl
  • Mechanical Bull Ride
  • Moonshine Still
  • Wagon
  • Bronze Cowgirl Living Statue
  • Cheese Sculpture

Hollywood Themed

  • Light Up Star Arch
  • Balloon Arch
  • Human Table
  • Red Carpet Entrance

Tropical Theme

  • Tiki Hut
  • Tiki Bar
  • Deck Chairs
  • Fast Fish Races
  • Hermit Crab Races
  • Limbo Set Up
  • Mechanical Surf Board Ride

Spy / 007 / James Bond

  • Giant “007”
  • Hand Cuff Lock Picking
  • Balloon Arch
  • Gold Girl Living Statue
  • Silver James Bond Living Statue


  • Circus Wagons
  • Giant Circus Wagon
  • Circus Cut Outs
  • Light up “Circus” sign
  • Ball that the bears walk on
  • Circus Workshop Stations
  • Palm Reader


  • Carnival Tents
  • Carnival Games
  • Carnival Mirrors
  • Carnival Barker Podium


When Planning your Event

We have lots more to offer. If you’re looking for something just ask. Chances are we have it. We also have lots more acts than could be listed here, another good reason to call us.

Good events have a mixture of entertainment for everyone. Not everyone is a casino player which is where we as a casino party company differ from other companies that just offer tables and more tables. Good event have all of the following….

  • A Casino Table For Every Level of Play
  • Everyone’s Favorite Casino Game
  • Non-Casino Activities
  • Entertainers that will walk up to your guests and say, “Hello.”
  • Things you weren’t expecting.
  • Decor
  • Something to take home
  • Music and a PA system
  • A reason to come back next year!

We’ll help you to fill all of these categories. We’ll help you put on a successful casino party!

Call our Casino Hotline …. 513 351-6000!


Unique Casino Nights!

It’s important to point out the when the Cincinnati Circus Company throws a casino party it’s going to be different and better than any other casino party…EVER! We know that’s a high bar to hit, but it’s important to point out that your event is so important to us that we want it to be the best. We continue to push ourselves and to innovate the way we do parties. Here are some important differences between us and everyone else.

We’re different / and better than other casino rental companies


We’re the leader! Yes in just ten short years our unique and fun way of orchestrating casino nights has over taken all of our competition! Other casino companies actually call us and ask to hire our dealers for their events. Those are the smart casino companies and the lucky events. We do the events and our people love what they do. As a result our dealers stay with us for a long time. So we not only have the most experience as a company, our dealers have the most experience as dealers! There’s a reason we’re the leader, it’s because we’re the best!


Our equipment is the highest quality! Our tables are oak. They are handmade. Our chips are heavy and from Las Vegas, not cheap and printed in china, our decor is beautiful, new and made by artists. Our “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign looks like the real deal and lights up the room.


This may be a surprise, but we’re not the most expensive and while we’re not the least expensive, we are the best value! We say this because of the high quality of our tables, because of the high quality of our dealers, and because of our focus on customer service. It always surprises us that our competitors charge more and give less. Our goals are simple. We try to always put on the best casino night ever. Many times we throw in extras for free or make deals that other casino companies won’t.

Bigger isn’t always better. All of our tables are big, beautiful, and affordable. There are plenty of casino companies that want to rent tables that are double the size a triple the price. This practice of extra long roulette and craps tables doesn’t make your event layout look any better and doesn’t make your party flow any better. Most importantly they’re filtching money from their clients. Casino tables should be judged by their quality and their look, not their length. Extra large casino tables should be the norm not the exception, but most importantly they should look amazing. All of our tables are big, beautiful and affordable!


We’re a casino party company! There are plenty of casino rental companies out there, we’re a casino party company! There are other companies that will rent you casino tables so will we! There are other companies that will offer you dealers, so will we! There’s no other casino company who’s dealers, pitt boss, and event planning staff are entertainers. There’s no other casino company that will make your event a party like we will.


We offer everything you’ll need for your casino night party! We offer casino decor, strolling entertainers, and disc jockeys. We also offer crazy casino tables, and rare casino games! If you have a theme for your casino night. Definitely let us know! No other casino night company can help you with a theme like we can. Your one phone call to us will take care of everything you need! We can even recommend which venues are the best. We’ve put on parties at all of them.


We go everywhere! Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Richmond, Chicago! Just to name a few! We will arrive early in the morning or the day before and set everything up! We’ll make your event look beautiful. If your event is large we’ll provide a complementary pitt boss/ event coordinator who will be on site when you show up and stay through out your event. At the end of the night when your guests are gone we’ll load out our tables. There’s no substitute for quality.

Fundraisers that Cash In!

Make the most out of your fundraiser! Make it fun! Make it repeatable and make it financially rewarding! A successful casino night fundraiser must be all of these. It’s tricky because every fundraiser is different and draws a different crowd. Some fundraisers draw a range of casino players, from the non-player to the serious Texas Hold’em player. As P.T. Barnum said,”We have something for everyone!” We also have some ways to help you make money just for you! For starters we give a fundraiser discount so tell us what your raising money for!

Unlike other casino rental companies the owner of the Cincinnati circus is very generous. He donates our services to many good causes every year and offers large discounts or free stuff to many others. He has donated so much to so many that the city we’re based in made him the grand marshal of their Fourth of July parade, and the Dragon Fly Foundation recognizes him as an official sponsor.

In fact, every casino fundraiser that hires us at minimum receives a prize donation of $100 regardless of what their spending with us. Beyond this there are many techniques that we seen used by our clients over the years some were wildly successful and others were not. We’re happy to help you structure your fundraiser to help you cash in!

Casino Tables for Every Party

The Cincinnati Circus Company offers casino tables for every party! Whether your throwing a monte carlo night at a church, a themed party, or a company casino night for the holidays. We offer every type of casino table and many casino games that no one else offers. We offer casino games for every level of player not just experts and not just beginners. Chances are you’ll have some of each at your event. We’re happy to help you plan your event! We’re happy to meet with you at the venue your considering!

We recommend that you try to have something for everyone. We also recommend that every casino night needs stuff that isn’t casino. Every casino night needs performers that walk up to you and activities that you walk up to. Every casino night needs something you weren’t expecting and something to take home. Finally every casino night needs a friendly dealer standing behind their favorite table inviting your guest to play.

Call our Casino Hotline …. 513 351-6000!


I wanted to reach out to thank you & Cincinnati Circus for coming out Friday evening to host our event. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time! I got much feedback that it was, in fact, one of the most fun events we have had. Thank you for making it happen for us!

Best regards,

Collette Wagner (King’s Island)