Nothing promotes teamwork and team building like a little friendly competition between coworkers!

Our portable games and games shows are a blast for everyone - even your boss! Every show is designed to make your employees look and feel awesome. Our job is to make your group feel like stars.

Below are our current game shows. We are always adding to our list of available games shows, so be sure to give us a call to find out what's currently available.

Fabulous Feud


Based on the TV show
Teams of 5-6 people. 2 teams compete at a time in a match.
3 rounds per match. Can be done bracket style to find ultimate winning team.
Around 20 minutes per match up. Having teams picked in advanced is preferred.

General Rules

2 teams (families/table/groups/etc) per match up. One is the red team and the other is the blue team.

To start each round, one person from each team steps to the center and is given a topic which they have to give the best answer for first. Whoever has the top answer first, gets to decide if their team is going to play that round, or pass it to the opposing team. (Question example: 100 people were surveyed and the top 5 answers are on the board. What chores do you do on your day off?)

The team that plays that round has to go in order without help from their teammates, while trying to name the remaining answers on the board before they reach 3 wrong answers. If they answer them all, they get all the points. If they get 3 wrong answers, the other team gets 1 chance to name one of the missing answers. If they get it right, they “steal” all the points. If they get it wrong, the original team gets the points.

Round 2 with runs the same, but the points are worth double. Round 3 is the same but triple. The team with the most points at the end wins (or moves to the next round if bracket style).

Set Up

1 host, 1 technician to run computer
Center podium with buzzers for opening head to head to decide which team will pass or play each round.
2 tables, one on either side of the podium for each team. 1 red and 1 blue.
Sound system, projector, screen, third table for the computer and tech.

60 Second Challenge


Based on the TV show.
Can be in individual stations or as a stage show.
Play as individuals or teams.

General Rules

Changes depending on the challenge.
We have dozens of challenge options.
Players will have 60 seconds to complete the challenge.
Some are head to head and some are just against the clock.

Set Up

One podium per station
One attendant per station
Challenge props depending on what challenges are chosen

One host, one assistant
Two Minute To Win It podiums and two chairs
Challenge props depending on what challenges are chosen
Sound system, projector, screen, projector stand

What’s the Question – Styled after the ever popular TV game show Jeopordy, our show comes complete with light up podiums, sound effects and large projection screen.

Wheel of Prizes – Contestants must spin the wheel, choose letters and guess the answer. Setup includes projected screen and sound effects.

I Dare You– Our newest and by far - and messiest game. Great for carnivals, fairs and colleges.

Newly Wed – Awesome questions make for great fun. Three couples compete to find out which couple knows each other the best. This game can also be adapted for coworkers! (How well do you know your coworker)

Fast Paced Trivia – Light up buzzers, sound effects and silly buzzers. All questions can be customized to fit your organization and be sure to ask about our holiday versions.

Name The Right Price – Test your pricing knowledge and compete in all the classic games. This is our most ‘deluxe’ game show with lots of prizes to win.

Spin Of Fortune – Spin the wheel and solve the word puzzle in our version of this classic gameshow! Comes with it's very own wheel and puzzle board.