Electronic & Interactive Entertainment

We have the top of line virtual and and digital interactive games, entertainment, and fun for your party or event. Take photos with friends & co-workers with our "Mirror Me" photo booth, explore new worlds with a VR game experience. or play against others with an interactive cone game or golf simulator.

Interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Our interactive full length mirror photo booth

Guests interact with through animations, touchscreen capablities and an awesome audio voice duide to make the most of your events phoo booth experience. Backgrounds and messages can be tailored for your event or party.

Party-goers will love the mirror photo booth! With on of a kind graphics & the ability to sign your creation to put your own stamp on the fun, our mirror booth is a one of kind entertainment that will keep guests talking about your event long after the fun is done.

Options available for our awesome "selfie" setup  can include voice guidance, gesture & movement detection, vibrant animations, touch based photo-signing, emoji stamping, interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns and more!

Call us today at (513) 921-5454 and reserve the Mirror Me photo booth for your party today!

Traditional Photo Booth

Everybody loves a photo booth! Guests can capture a great time at your party with our traditional style phot boot set up. Guests can step in, pull the curtain and get their photo on! Set it up anywhere and event goers will flock to this fun and exciting way to capture memories at your great party. Traditional phot booths go great with all of our fun and exciting entertainment options.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Have party guests transported to any backdrop they choose with our exclusive green screen photo booth. We have multiple backgrounds available for you to choose from for your party. If you have a custom background you would like us to use, just let us know and we can make it happen. To see some of our recent green screen examples visit our recent events page here!

Interactive Cone Race Game

Compete against other players or try and beat the clock.

A fast paced and exciting fun attraction for your event. Tag the light and beat your best time with this fun and exciting cone tag experience.  Imagine, if you will, a giant exciting game of Simon Says.

The game can be configured to meet your needs! For a less physical game, the cones can be placed closer together and used like a pvp game facing each other. If you need something more physically challengin, place the cones farther apart and have a relay race!

Perfect for trainign exercises, team building or maybe a crossfit challenge event, One of our party planners can help you with our interactive cone race game rental today. Pairs great with one of our obstacle courses or one of out great team building options.

Call us today at (513) 921-5454 and reserve the Interactive Cone Tag Race Game for your event today!

Other tech entertainment and interactive fun!

Virtual Reality Games

Explore new worlds and play games in the digital realm with our fun and exciting virtual reality games. Event guest will laugh and have a great time as they explore the fun and excitement of the virtual world. For one of our most unique entertainment experiences, call us today to book  our VR game system for your event, party or reception today!

Virtual Reality Escape Room

Solve puzzles and complete tasks in our new virtual reality escape room! Perfect for team building, corporate events, private parties and more. Play against other players for the fastest time. Our fully interactive virtual reality escape rooms test your problem solving skills, critical thinking and ability to perform under pressure. Call today to book for your event! We can also set up two VR units together for head to head competition!

Golf Simulator

Hit the links from the comfort of any setting with our popular Golf Simulator. Great for corporate entertainment, birthday parties, bachelor parties and more! The golf lovers at your event will have a blast! The Golf Simulator is also fun for those who may be new to the game, and might just get them hooked to try the real thing! Play our Golt simulator at the top of your game today!

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is great for any setting and a great option for those events that are full of action loving guests. We provide it all for a great and competitive game, that will be the hit of the party. Barriers and and obstacles to hide behind, are availble for this action packed, strategic and great team building activity! Pairs great with our other competitive games ot one of our great inflatable obstacle courses.

Hi-Tech Rentals

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