Holiday Parties in Cincinnati

Christmas Party

Holiday parties should be a fun, a pleasant way to end one year and get us excited for the next one. When planning your company holiday party remember... Anything is possible!

We've had many unique requests over the years.

Creating a unique vision is certainly possible, but most clients simply want a fun holiday party.

It amazes us when we hear of people who are suffering through their holiday party. You don't have to! We can help!

Some of the classic holiday party ideas are listed below. We offer everything on this page and many things that aren't. So if you're looking for casino gaming for your holiday party or need it to have a particular theme, we can help!

We also offer any audio visual components that you may need, if your venue doesn't supply them! We hope this list helps and happy holidays!

Holiday Party Ideas & Themes:

holiday party entertainment

Aerial Acrobat Bartenders & Campaign Dress: Serve drinks in a whole new way! Doesn’t have to be alcoholic, it’s just as entertaining to serve sparkling apple cider!

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Casino Gaming: Great way to spend and evening and have fun! Consider adding Santa Clause to make a guest appearance, or a palm reader or strolling magician!

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Comedy Hypnotist: Comedian Dan Luckett will entertain you in ways you’ll never forget!

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Comedy Mind Reader: Mentalist Chris Yantek will blow your mind and keep you laughing with his very unique form of magic.

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Derby Horse Racing: You won’t believe how fun this is! We’ve added fun and silly competitions between the races!

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Game Shows: Great way to bring everyone together and give out some prizes! We can customize the game show to make it about your company! Many game shows to choose from!

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Murder Mystery: We offer an original holiday party script! Your guest will have a great time with this silly who done it!

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Headliner: Award winning comedians to choose from! Clean comedy is available.

Sports Games: We can fill your venue with all your sports classics. Your guests can compete for prizes!

Winter Carnival: Win prizes and be entertained! Lots of great customizing options!

Winter Wonderland: We’ll transform your venue into a forest filled with snow fairies and magic. Have a holiday party that is an experience.

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Holiday parties on a Cincinnati budget

Breakfast with Real Beard Santa

  • Holiday parties at your own venue are less expensive. Your guests will remember the food and the experience more than the venue.
  • Holiday parties on any day other than Friday or Saturday’s are cheaper. Venue’s and entertainment providers will cut deals for Sunday – Thursday nights.
  • Need a Friday or Saturday? Consider holiday parties that are super close to Christmas are less expensive. Most venues and entertainment providers are not busy on the final weekend right before Christmas.
  • Holiday parties in January are the cheapest. Venues and entertainment providers are super slow in January. You’ll get a lot more for your money after New Year’s.
  • Holiday parties that give away a couple huge prizes can be cheaper than giving everyone a medium prize. Having the chance of winning a big prize is fun and can be less expensive.
  • Holiday parties during the work day, are effective way to not have to explain why spouses aren’t invited. They also save the company a lot of money.
  • Not having a holiday party? This can be a giant financial mistake.
  • Shop around many venues are just as nice as others but cost a lot less.
  • Don’t use an event manager or agent to set up your event. Call the talent directly. A quick google search will often put you in touch with the exact same holiday party talent.
  • A headliner, stage show, or game show host are way less expensive than a room full of performers. You’re paying by the person at your holiday party.
  • Some companies save money by have a 3pm – 5pm holiday party. They get a great deal by targeting a time that a room isn’t being used. Their employees get out of work early that day.
  • Plan your holiday party early. Costs go up last minute.
  • Don’t have an open bar. We have seen this ruin more than one holiday party.

Breakfast with Santa and Christmas Events

Are you looking for great holiday entertainment for your next major event? Do you need to have the big guy in red arrive at your location? We have you covered! One of the biggest specialties of the Cincinnati Circus Company is our ability to use an elaborate array of themes, and holiday themes are our greatest. We are pros at what we do, and have years of experience to prove it. Spread some holiday cheer this season with some fun loving entertainment from the Cincinnati Circus Company!

Options for Holiday Activities & Events Include:

  • Breakfast With Santa
  • Santa Chair
  • Giant Candy Canes
  • Red Carpet
  • Santa Photography
  • Real Beard Santa
  • Elves
  • Elf Balloon Artist
  • Elf Stilt Walker
  • Elf Juggler Strolling
  • Elf Juggling Show
  • Elf Magician Strolling
  • Elf Magic Show
  • Elf Acrobat
  • Holiday Musicians
  • Holiday Disc Jockey
  • Giant Kid's Games
  • Santa Train
  • Inflatable Rides
  • And more...

Above is a small list of our most popular options - for even more fun, you can add inflatable rides, circus workshops, giant kid's games and more! To find out about other options, give us a call at (513) 400-3868, or email us at

From The Owner:A client called to thank me because of our people. She said, "The kids here aren't going to get a lot for Christmas, but when your people give them a balloon it brings them genuine joy." .... I couldn't ask for more this Christmas than to know that this is the work that I get to do.