For local people who are interested in starting a career in circus.

We’re hiring, clean cut, hardworking, clean cut, friendly people who have a clean cut wholesome appearance. Circus and entertainment is very physical so you should be in excellent physical shape. If you have experience in entertainment that’s a plus. We are not limited to this but we are currently in need of jugglers, stilt walkers and balloon artists.

Please note that all performers are required to practice with us on Tuesday night from 6pm – 8pm. And are required to cross train in many skills especially juggling, balloons and stilt walking.

Send us an email that tells us what experience you have and why you think you would be a good fit for our circus. Please include pictures of yourself performing or practicing if you have them. Please send emails to JugglerDave@hotmail.com.


For professional performers with show ready skills.

We’re looking for a person with a polished act. We already have jugglers and aerialists so let me save you some time, we need other circus acts. Must be physical and fit in our show. No, we do not want to hire a troop or everyone you know. Just a solo performer to put into our touring shows. Pay depends on the act and other conditions. Our show season is June 1 – September 30 and can be extended till Christmas depending on skills. Other duties will be required, but again are negotiable based upon your skills.

Send us an email that tells us what acts you perform. Please include pictures, videos, or links of you performing. Please send emails to JugglerDave@hotmail.com.


For experienced flyers and catchers who want to perform.

We’re hiring a person who can perform as a flying or catcher in our touring shows. This person must be experienced. Technically we’re doing low-casting. Other skills are a bonus. We are based in Cincinnati. At least half the summer we are not out on tour during those weeks you will be asked to work in other capacities and paid for the work you do. We will help you to find a place to stay with one of our other performers. Other things can be negotiated and you will receive a steady pay check. There are ways to increase your paycheck. We’re anticipating $500 a week guaranteed, plus BONUS CASH for doing additional things. Basically, we will pay you for everything you do. Some weeks it will put you over $1200! The least we will pay you is $500. How much you will make will then be up to you and how hard you wish to work. We are also anticipating that you will either be performing, helping with our summer camp, or helping in other ways 40 hours a week. Our season is June 1 – September 30th. This can be extended to either start earlier or stay longer, depending on skills. We treat our people well and we are a happy group. If you have other skills in addition to flying trapeze, please tell us. If you don’t perform flying trapeze, but have a skill that we don’t already have please see our first ad.

Send us an email that tells us about your flying history and any performance you have done. Please tell us what other circus skills you have. Please include pictures, videos, or links of you performing as well as your phone number. Please send emails to JugglerDave@hotmail.com.


Over the years many talented performers have asked us to represent them. These entertainers are tired of handling all the paperwork. They desire to practice their art and to perform and would like a steady pay check. We offer this fair deal to all our talent. We will take care of all of your bookings, we will take care of all of your marketing, we will pay you your rate, and we will pay you promptly after every event. Let us know if you would like the Cincinnati Circus to represent you. All acts welcome.

Please send emails to JugglerDave@hotmail.com


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