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Experience the Ultimate Carnival Fair Planning Service for Your Festival or Fair!

Make your event unforgettable by bringing the entire carnival experience to your doorstep! At our company, we specialize in providing top-notch carnival fair planning services tailored to municipal events, small festivals, county fairs, and company picnics.

Discover a wide selection of cute, kid-friendly rides that are sure to delight attendees of all ages. Our rides are meticulously maintained for cleanliness and operated by a professional, safety-conscious staff.

Choose from over 110 exhilarating rides that guarantee non-stop fun and excitement. Whether you're looking for classic pay-to-play attractions or a variety of thrilling rides, we've got you covered.

But that's not all! In addition to rides and entertainment, we offer a range of carnival game booths, game trailers, and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive experience for your guests.

We take pride in our ability to coordinate entire events

Cincinnati Circus ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. From providing tents, stages, and bands to handling on-site coordination, audio support, and food services, we've got every aspect covered. We cater to both larger organizations and smaller municipalities.

To explore our extensive list of rides, visit our website at Our offerings include mechanical rides, inflatable rides, thrill rides, games, and much more.

Take advantage of our creative financing options, ride rentals, pay-to-play attractions, and ticket sales services to make your event a resounding success! Don't miss out on the opportunity to create an unforgettable carnival fair experience. Contact us today and let us bring the magic to your festival or fair!

Mechanical Ride Turtle

Turtle Parade Ride Mechanical Ride

The Original Turtle Parade:  Purchased from Coney Island Amuesment Park in Cincinnati Ohio, this ride is an awesome Hampton Kid's Turtle Ride.  Eight Turtles gently wiggle the kids as the ride runs.  Up to thirty-two seat belted little kids can ride at ones. Anyone under four feet tall can ride.  Our electric needs are one 110volt - 120volt / 15amp - 20amp circuit.  This is a normal household circuit.  We need 35 feet of diameter space.  This ride can be set up on any flat space!  Take your company picnic to the next level!

Turtle Parade Kiddie Ride
Turtle Parade Ride
Turtle Ride Kiddie Ride
Turtle Parade Mechanical Kiddie Ride

Racing Rockets Mechanical Ride


The Racing Rockets:  This ride was purchased from Coney Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati Ohio.  Racing rockets is an awesome Grover Watkins Kid's Racing Rocket Ride.  Features Eight Rockets that go up and down as well as in a circle!  Up to sixteen kids will fly up into space while safely seat belted..  Anyone under four feet tall children can ride.  Our electric needs are two 110volt - 120volt / 15amp - 20amp circuit.  This is a normal household circuit.  We can provide generators.  We need 35 feet of diameter space.  The Racing rocket's ride can be run level on grass or asphalt.  You're kids will feel like they road a roller coaster or flew a jet!

Rocket Ride Mission To Mars Signs
Rocket Ride Mission To Mars
Rocket Ride 2 Waiving
Rocket Ride Mission To Mars



Boat Ride

Kids will love taking a spin in our new boat ride. Great for summer fun and fall festivals alike!

Flying Aces Ride

Great for summer/fall festivals, carnivals, and municipal events.

Patriotic Cars & Jeeps Ride

Perfect for 4th of July festivals and carnivals. Great for municipal events too.



Carnival Ferris Wheel

Our new ferris wheel perfect for street fairs, school and church festivals, company picnics and more!



Carnival Swing Ride

Enjoy a classic swing ride for your street fair, school carnival, church fair and more.



Tubs of Fun!

Fly and spin with our classic spinning buckets ride! Bring the nostalgia of classic carnival rides to your festival with Tubs of Fun



Spinning Barrel

The spinning barrel ride will surely bring excitement and joy to your carnival or festival! Roll your way into a great event with the spinning barrel!



Mobile Zipline!


Our spectrum sports mobile zip-line is the bench mark for zip-line experience. With a ride length of over 100' feet, towering height, and the ability to ride young and old it's a great pick for any event! Zip-line's are great for crowd saturation. Lot's of people will get to ride! Two lanes of high capacity thrilling fun! Grass or asphalt no problem! One company even asked us to zip line over their pond! Many festivals have asked us to let crowds pass through under the zip-line! No problem! This ride is visible from a distance. It will be the most popular at your event. Zip-line's are a must have for any pay-to-play / ticket selling festival!

Mobile Zipline
Mobile Zipline
Mobile Zipline
Mobile Zipline
mobile zipline for schools
Mobile Zipline



Climbing Wall Solid or Inflatable: Twenty-Eight feet of Extreme Engineering! Your choice of inflatable rock wall or solid rock wall! Auto belay or manual belay! Grass or asphalt. All Ages welcome! Different levels of difficulty! Great for company picnics! A climbing rock wall is a mountain of fun! We require an area of twenty-five by twenty-five. Grass or asphalt is fine. The solid rock wall does not require electric, but the inflatable rock wall needs two separate amp circuits. We can rent you a generator if you need it. Cincinnati was built on seven hills. We've added four more!

Inflatable Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall Solid Rock and Zipline
Climbing Wall Solid Rock Wall 2
Climbing Wall Solid Rock Wall

Flying Trapeze Ride


Unique, thrilling, check flying trapeze off your bucket list!  Lot's of children will get to try!  Ages 3 to 20.  Many people will fly over and over enjoying the ride and working on their technique.  Our instructors are flying trapeze artists.  You'll get real coaching!  Great for colleges, school enrichment and municipal events!  The Flying Trapeze can go inside or outside.  It stands at 19' feet tall!  No staking required!   Hungry for more or throwing a circus themed event?  Ask us to perform!

Flying Trapze for Events
Flying Trapeze Inside
flying Trapeze Batman
Flying Trapeze Liam

Inflatable Rides

INFLATABLE RIDES Obstacle courses, Moon bounces, Slides

Inflatable Rides: We give the best deals on inflatable rides!  Over 110 inflatable rides to choose from.  Inflatables are an inexpensive way to add a lot of fun! Tell us about your event and we will happily suggest the inflatable rides that are best for your event and most economical.  No complicated delivery schedules we'll deliver when it's best of you! We're generous with the amount of time we'll give you, and easy to work with.  Our deliveries are always on time!  Grass or asphalt is not a problem.  Just tell us the details and we'll take care of it.  We offer staffing, and generators! You will not have more fun for your money with any other company! For lot's more rides Cincinnati Inflatables or call 513 921-5454 Cincinnati Ohio or any city within six hours! We specialize in large events!

Monroe Event
Mason Event Inflatable Rides
Heaven Hill Event Inflatable Rides and Carnival
Otterbein Event Inflatable Rides


Trackless Train Ride:  Choo Choo!  All aboard!  Train rides are magical for little kids!  They also serve as the best tram ever for large events!  We've sent our trackless train to dozen's of parades, large events, and holiday shopping centers!  Santa or Uncle Sam look great on a train!  Many pay to plays count on our trains twelve person capacity to make money for them.  Trains are a definite must for events.  The train is agile, and can go on any smooth paved, packed gravel or earth surface.  It's quick, but can stop on a dime, it's agile and can maneuver easily and it's fun!  Trackless trains can come with a conductor or save money and provide your own.  We are already book our train for next years summer festivals!  If your event is train themed, consider adding our train conductor living statue and our train station obstacle course! Next stop... Cincinnati!

Train Station Cincinnati
Train Ride Picture
Train Ride at Cincinnati's Sawyer Point
Train Ride Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty

Mechanical Bull Ride


Mechanical Bull and Mechanical Surfboard:

Mechanical bulls are a popular company picnic option! In recent years climbing walls, ninja courses, and hanging challenges have also become popular. The river rush mechanical ride is another great way to mix up your ride package. If saving money is part of your carnival ride plan then consider non-mechanical inflatable rides, such as whack-a-mole, obstacle courses, and warrior jump to fill in. These inflatable rides are often way cheaper, some of them such as wrecking ball with four podiums and the obstacle courses will be just as popular. An obstacle course has a better crowd saturation or through-put than any of the mechanical bulls, mechanical surfboards, or river rushes. If money making is more important than spectacle go with the inflatables. If there's a certain theme, like western, country, Hawaii or similar than choose a mechanical ride. You're always welcome to give us a call 513 921-5454, or send us an email and we'll help you put together a ride package.

Mechanical Bull Ride
Amusement Rides for all Events
Mechanical Surf Board Ride
River Rush Inflatable Ride

Tricycle Race Wacky Trikes


Giant Tricycle, Roman Chariot, and Pony Hopper Races:

Racing is a lot of fun! Rides with a racing theme are a great ticket generator. We have unique amusement rides, and a different approach. Don't get stuck in the same carnival ride rut. Mix it up with different rides.

giant tricycle ride
Pony Hoppers Ride Horse Races
Kid's Giant Tricycle Race Track
Roman Chariot Racing

Amusement Rides and Carnival Rides


Ferris Wheels and other Amusement Rides are available.  We buy, sell, and rent amusement rides and carnival rides for festivals.  One county fair said, "First get your iron." and when it comes to amusement rides this makes a lot a sense.  Dave our owner grew up in the amusement ride industry.  We've brought amusement rides to many festivals.  The Cincinnati Circus has a strong relationship with many amusement ride companies.  There are many ways enhance your festival, picking the right amusement rides and the right amusement ride company is important.

We are currently looking to purchase a 1950's Hampton fire chief car ride.  The Hampton Fire Chief Ride is the amusement ride that Dave's grandfather ran when Dave was a kid and his grandfather managed Conneaut Lake Pennsylvania amusement park.

Allen Hershel Hampton Fire Chief Ride We're looking to buy
Ferris Wheel Amusement Ride
Merry Go Round Amusement Ride

Ask about package deals! The more rides the better! We offer pay-to-play and ride rental. The larger the event the better.

Helpful Materials for Festivals, Carnivals, and Events

How to Sell Tickets - Ticket Pricing - Pay To Play Events

We're different and better than other ride companies. We have a different business model where our clients make more money. You tell us what rides to bring. You're renting them. We will give you very great event with generous pricing. We will set them up and staff them with friendly clean cut people. We will collect the tickets. Your people sell the tickets so we never handle the money. You keep all the profit! Your event will make so much more money this way. No haggling over 10%, 15% and hoping your ride company is honest. No more worrying that your ride company might land a better spot and not come to your event. No more worrying whether you'll make enough money to survive to the next year. You will get all the profit! In the long run this is so much better for your event and for your stress level.

The following is what we give to our ride people for running pay to play events. We share this document freely with you and we hope it helps. Feel free to run and price your event how you see fit. You're the boss!

    RULES for the Ticket Booth for pay-to-play rides events

  • Don't accept $100 bills (we have had unattended children bring us fake $100 bills to us before)
  • Mark all large bills over $10
  • Turn no one away because they are poor, a large family, or because time is running out.
  • You will decrease what you are charging as you enter the last half hour.
  • Tell people "1 hour left, 1/2 hour left, 15 minutes left".
  • Change Ticket & Wrist Band colors every day.
  • Throw away tickets off site.  People will dig in the trash, pull them out and give them out right in front of you.
  • Discreetly remove large bills from cash bin every so often and lock them in the trunk of your car.  Be careful.
  • Watch for people watching your cash box from behind you.
  • If you suspect anything suspicious send a runner to bring a police officer over and point the person out.
  • Never negotiate in front of other people in line.  Have the person step to the side out of earshot.
  • Make sure your prices and ticket requirements on rides are posted clearly.
  • Close the moon bounce last. Close one at a time. Have your extra ride workers stand at the back of the line and turn people away.
  • Always have 1 person watching the money. NEVERleave the money unattended.
  • When someone hands you a $10, $20, $50.  Leave it in view. Until you have placed their change on the table next to it with their tickets.  Echo back to them. "You gave me a ___ here is your change and tickets / wristband." If you just put it into your cash box some people will say they gave you a larger bill.  This is a classic scam. Usually perpetrated by two professional "short change artists" The first distracts you and your partner. The second thrusts the bill into your hand while talking to you.  Being dominant and trying to keep you from looking at the bill. Then they both insist that when you give the change back that you gave the wrong change. If it's placed on top they are blocked from this. If you suspect short change artists, counterfeiters, or other bad people immediately point them out to the police.

PRICING for the Ticket Booth for pay-to-play rides events

  • 1 ticket for $1 dollar
  • 6 tickets for $5 dollars
  • 15 tickets for $10 dollars
  • 1 Wrist Band for $10 dollars  ($15 if there's a zipline or rock wall at the event)
  • 2 Wrist Bands for $20 dollars ($30 if there's a zipline or rock wall at the event)
  • 3 Wrist Bands for $25 dollars ($40 if there's a zipline or rock wall at the event)
  • Additional wristbands are also half off. (same family, same transaction)


  • Most rides cost 1 ticket each or wrist band
  • Moon bounces cost 3 tickets each or wrist band
  • Climbing walls cost 5 tickets each or wrist band
  • Zipline costs 10 tickets each or wrist band

SITUATIONS that may occur at your carnival, festival, or event

  • You will get the grandfather with a three year old who only wants to do the moon bounce once.  This person needs to buy 3 tickets for $3 because the moon bounce requires 3 tickets. "Why is the moonbounce three?" they will ask.  "Because your in it much longer than the slide or obstacle course." you will reply.
  • You will get the parent who has more kids or bills than they can afford.  You they will ask you, "how much is it?" or you'll see them read the sign from a distance and get ready to tell their kid, "no."  Call out to them, "hey come over here..." sympathize with them, "I know it's expensive. What can you afford?" or "hey kid, first one's on me." and give them a ticket each for the obstacle course.  Do this out of ear shot of other parents!
  • You may have a child whose parents gave them $3 bucks, but they needed $5.  Just give them the tickets they need. "Here's a couple extra."
  • Some people may try to take advantage of your generosity. "First one's on me, but I'm sorry the rest you have to pay for."
  • As time is running out I tell people.  "If you wait for the moon bounce you won't get to ride.  Go get on the slide or the obstacle." ... if you don't people will wait for the moon bounce and you will have people mad at you because they won’t get to ride.


  • Never reduce tickets due to time left. Just tell people how much time is left loudly and encourage the slide or obstacle course.
  • 1 hour left cut the wrist band price by $2 (change it on your sign)
  • 1/2 hour left cut the wrist band price in half  (change it on your sign)
  • 15 minutes left seriously warn people ("it's up to you but there's only 15 minutes left and the wristband it $5")


  • Never leave your ride
  • Don't be on your phone
  • Limit the number of kids
  • Keeps kids safe
  • Watch the ticket booth for signs it needs help
  • Watch for people who are watching the ticket booth
  • Check the gas level every hour on the generators.
  • Chain up gas cans at the end of each night

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