Costume Characters, Super Heroes, Princesses, Birthday Parties, Company Picnics, Festival Entertainment

They look the part, they act the part, and they know the part. These performers will bring your kid's favorite character to life right before their eyes. Pirates, mermaids, Harry Potter, Star Wars, a ringmaster, and more! We include games, lessons (how to be a blank), and a presentation of the gifts or cake.
You can add on a craft, magic, glitter tattoos, or balloon twisting made by the superhero as well.
It's a magical and memorable experience you child won't soon forget!


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  • Alicia in Wonderland
  • Balloon Artist
  • Baseball Girl
  • Birthday Entertainer
  • Batguy and girl
  • Black Leopard
  • Candy Girl
  • Captain USA
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Chicken Costume
  • Cindy Princess
  • Easter Bunny
  • Elves and Reindeer
  • Evel Knievel
  • Elephant Puppet
  • Face Painter
  • Fairies
  • Fire Performer
  • Gecho Boy
  • German Octoberfest
  • Halloween Scarecrow
  • Human Zoltar
  • Las Vegas Show Girls
  • Luau
  • Juggler
  • Magicians
  • Mermaids
  • Renaissance
  • Pirates
  • Princess
  • Roman Italian Greek
  • Snowman
  • Star Warriors
  • Stilt Walker
  • Spider Boy
  • Sports Mascot
  • Super Hero
  • Super Man
  • Western Cowboys and Cowgirls
  • Wizards
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Wonder Woman
  • Zoo Animals


Alicia in Wonderland Costume Characters Actors

Birthday Parties and themed events

Cincinnati Alice in Wonderland Characters Alice Mad Hatter Cheshire Cat

Alicia in Wonderland: “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” Well...the white rabbit may have been late, but your entertainers from Cincinnati Circus Company won’t be! The Queen of Hearts doesn’t rule the kingdom, you invite Alicia, the mad hatter, and the Cheshire cat over for the perfect un-birthday (or birthday) party!

Cincinnati Alice in Wonderland Characters Alice Mad Hatter Cheshire Cat


Balloon Artist Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties and themed events

Balloon Artist Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals make your event. Our balloon artists will fill your event with balloon hats and balloon animals. Kids will squeal with joy as we create balloon art right before their eyes.

Balloon Artist Balloon Animals



Baseball Girl Costume Characters
Baseball Costume Characters

Baseball Girl: “There’s no crying in baseball!” That’s true. There’s also no crying in showbiz! Book one of our great Baseball Pinups, they’re in a “league of their own” here at Cincinnati Circus Company! Your Party or Fundraiser wouldn’t be complete without this vintage charmer!

Baseball Pin Ups Costume Characters Cincinnati Reds


Super Hero Costume Character

Your Birthday Party or special event will be a little safer when you book our talented Batguy or girl! We'll see you at your next Batguy Birthday Party!

Bat Guy and Bat Girl

Batguy and girl: Mystery. Intrigue. Vigilante Crime Fighting. That’s not what our Superheroes provide...but we do provide entertainment while in an awesome costume! Put them on stilts, have them create balloon art, pose for photos, or watch them fly in the air and try to fight crime while you are on the ground below!

Bat Girl Birthday Balloon Animals Cincinnati ohio



black leopard Super Hero

Black Leopard:
The Great Kingdom has traveled far away...all the way to your backyard! Invite the rightful King to your Birthday, and you won’t be disappointed. Pose for photos, watch him perform stunts, and train to help him fight the bad guys!

Superheros Captain America Batman and More


Las Vegas Show Girls Costume Characters
Ask about casino nights and casino decorations!
cincinnati casino night candy cigarette girls

Candy Girls: These girls are a great way to add a touch of mystery and beauty to your event. They are a perfect addition to a Roaring 20’s Party, Casino Night, Derby Night, or anything that needs a touch of interest! Ask about our themed decorations too! Can also be cigarette girls, or cigar girls.

candy cigarette tray



Super Hero Costume Character

We are proud to have such a Super Superhero on our side! Bad guys...beware!

Captain USA Super Hero for America

Captain USA: America’s favorite Superhero can attend your event! Although he fights crime across our great nation, nothing will keep him away from your special event or Birthday party! Call Cincinnati Circus Company to book your very own Captain USA. He can Juggle. He can walk on stilts. He can even paint his shield on your face so you can join our super heros!

Captain USA Super Hero for America



Charlie Chaplin Impersonator
Charlie Chaplin Costume Character Actor

Charlie Chaplin: Miming, comedy, magic, name it, Charlie can do it. Book this legendary look a like now so you can experience the fun of old Hollywood. This is perfect for birthday parties, office parties, galas and fundraisers. Ask us about any other look a likes you are interested in, your imagination is the only limit!

Charlie Chaplin Costume Character Actor



Chicken costume Costume Characters
Cincinnati Chicken Costume
Chicken Costume Costume Character Chicken man Super Hero

Chicken Costume:
Farm animals aren’t just on the farm, they’re at Cincinnati Circus! We are an animal free circus, but if you want something silly, we’ve got you covered. Our chicken costume is great for restaurant openings, county fairs, silly birthday parties, and much more!

Don't be a chicken!  Book your event entertainment now!  Singing Telegrams are available! 513 921-5454


Cindy Princess Costume Characters
Cincinnati Princess Party

Cindy Princess
“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Our dream here at Cincinnati Circus Company is to make your little Princess’s dream come true! Our beautiful princess will be thrilled to attend your Royal Ball, Birthday Party, or Halloween Event! Let us be your fairy godmother for your next special moment!

Princess Company Picnic Cincinnati


Bella Princess Costume Characters
Cincinnati Princess Party
Princess Company Picnic Cincinnati

Bella Princess
“Don’t you see? She’s the one. The girl we have been waiting for. She has come to break the spell. Don't make your little wait, let the Cincinnati Circus break the spell for your princess! We can help you throw a beast of a party for your beauty! Call us today and book Bella princess or any of our costumed characters for your event!

Princess Company Picnic Cincinnati



Costume Character
Easter Bunny Costume Character

The Easter Bunny is awesome and were "hoppy" to help you with your egg hunt!  In addition to Easter bunnies we have stilt walking flowers, strolling magicians and lots of other kid friendly entertainment!  We can really make your Easter Egg Hunt special with inflatable rides, giant games and if weather looks a little iffy a giant tent!

Easter Bunny Costume Character


Christmas Costume Character
Ask about Christmas Decorations! and Shows!
Holiday Costume Characters Reindeer and Elves

Elves, Reindeer, and Toy Soldiers!  Make your holiday party special!  We event offer a snow fairy living statue!  Our costumes are custom made so our elves look especially elfy!  Consider a stilt walking elf or reindeer for added flair!  Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas Santa Throne, Santa Chair, Sleigh, Giant Candy Canes also available for holiday decorations!

Santa Throne Santa Chair and Sleigh Christmas Decorations



Costume Character
Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel:  There's no one like Evel Knievel.  Mr. Knievel is a fun costume character to ride around your event on his unicycle.  He can even go up ramps, hi-five and juggle.  He's a great addition for any parade!  Including Kentucky's Mountain Laurel Festival!  Evel Knievel can also make balloon animals for birthday parties and juggle!

Did you know? Evel Knievel set a record right here in Cincinnati Ohio on October 25th 1975 when he jumped 14 grey hound buses? Add him to your event! It's a history lesson for the kids and great addition to your event!



Elephant Puppet Costume Character
We are an animal free circus, no real animals

Elephant Puppet:

Yes it’s silly. No it’s not real. Cincinnati Circus Company has an animal free you want a fun show for all ages, book us now! We all know that Fiona won’t mind if you take this particular wild animal to your next big event!



Costume Character
Cincinnati Fairy Birthday Party with balloon animals

Fairies: Not just Tink...but mythological Fairies live here at Cincinnati Circus! Wings and glitter, mystery and legend...our fairies have it all! They can fly on a trapeze, they can fly on the aerial silks...their skills are next to none. Take a photo, get your face painted, watch a show...just don’t step in a fairy ring! Our amazing fae will have you believing you are in an enchanted forest before the day is done! Don’t miss out, call Cincinnati Circus Company and book your party today!

cincinnati fairy living statue


French Mime Costume Character

Mimes regularly perform at many Cincinnati events!

French Mime

French Mimes! Great for adult parties, festivals and Bastille day! Our French mimes are always kind and funny! When you book your French mime let us know if you'd like them to juggle, balloon, perform magic, or just mime! Miming comes in a lot of forms from classical french mime to the antics of the Three Waiters! We have the best mimes in Cincinnati.

French Mimes and Stilt Walkers



Gecko Boy Costume Characters
Cincinnati Birthday Party

Your little ones will be so excited when the Gecko comes to play! Watch him juggle, do magic, create awesome balloon’s up to you! Your child and guests can pose for photos and it’s sure to be a lasting memory for your kiddo!



German Octoberfest Costume Character Performer
German Stilt Walker Octoberfest

German: Oktoberfest, here we come! Our entertainers are perfect for your next street fair, fall festival, summer bash, heritage name it! Cincinnati Circus Company will have you imagining the feilds of Germany with all it’s wonderful traditions! Not only will our actors dress in traditional costumes, they’ll even perform! We can do strolling entertainment, aeriel shows, balloons, fire eating, and much more. Make this year’s Oktoberfest rival Germany!

German Stilt Walker Octoberfest balloon animals



Kid Friendly Scare Crow Costume Character
Scarecrow Costume Character

Halloween Scarecrow: You can’t have a Happy Halloween without a Scarecrow! Call Cincinnati Circus Company to Book our entertainer for your Harvest Festival, Street Fair, Fall Festival, Halloween Party, or any other event this Fall! Our scarecrow can do strolling acts such as juggling or balloon art, and they can even do it on stilts! This is a perfect character for parties that love the wizard of oz as well… “We aren’t in Kansas anymore!” But we can be!

cincinnati scarecrow wizard of oz mime living statue



Las Vegas Show Girls Costume Characters
Las Vegas Show Girls Casino Nights

Las Vegas Showgirls: Any Derby Party, Vegas Night, or Casino Party isn’t fully planned without the addition of a Vegas Showgirl! They are beautiful and talented. Ask about large shows and hidden talents that can be performed at your next event!

Las Vegas Show Girls Casino Nights



Hawaiian Tropical Caribbean Party

Luau: “Aloha!” Luau’s are the best summer parties! Cincinnati CIrcus Company provides the right touch of Hawaii to transport your party from a backyard bbq, to the relaxing tropical island! We have tiki torches, costumed performers, and so much more! Ask about our Fire Eaters! Your event isn’t a luau until flames are consumed! These costumes, performers, and decor give an authentic nod to the wonderful tradition of luau and will make your event or birthday party unforgettable!



Juggling Circus Performer

Juggler: They can stroll through the crowd or put on a full show...its up to you! You don’t want to forget to book one of our jugglers, they are a great addition to any event! We have several costumes that make our jugglers the life of your party! Don’t forget, they can juggle balls, bowling pins, fire, or even show their skills off while walking on stilts!



Magician Circus Performer
Comedy Magic Cincinnati

Strolling Magic! No matter your age our comedy magicians will make you laugh! Birthday parties! Festivals, Corporate lunches, Holiday Parties, or Stage Shows! No matter the event we will have your guests in stitches! Gather round! If you've never seen a great magician... You're about too. Cincinnati is fortunate to have some really amazing magicians... make sure you take advantage!

comedy magic cincinnati



Costume Character

Mermaids are great for atmosphere. Our pose for pictures with children, giving each one a "pearl." We have even been mermaids at the 2020 Mermaid Festival - North Webster Indiana! Mermaids would also be great for aquariums, zoos, nautical events, and seafood restaurants!

Fiji Mermaid
aerial mermaid costume character
mermaid costume character and birthday party entertainment
Cincinnati Mermaid Mermen Poisidon
cincinnati mermen and mermaids



Patriotic Costume Character
Batman and Bat girl

4th of July is a perfect time for entertainment. Stilt Walkers and costume characters for parades. Patriotic Living Statues. Call us early for your Independence Day event!


costume character
Living Plant Cincinnati Stilt Walker

Plant Man: It’s silly, crazy and unique. What else can you ask for? He’s a perfect villain and a great addition to any superhero party. Think of him for your halloween holiday get together! He may look silly, but his skills are serious!

living plant cincinnati stilt walker



Pirate Costume Character Actor
Pirate Stilt walker Birthday Parties or Parades

Pirates: Our Pirates hail straight from the seven seas! Arrgghhh Matey, you’ll have to book a pirate for your next themed event….or walk the plank! Not only do we have the most fearsome Pirates in Cincinnati...but Cincinnati Circus Company offers an inflatable pirate ship that your guests can enjoy while our pirates perform special acts for the crowd! Pose for photos with your favorite member of the ship’s crew! Jugglers, Balloons,’s up to you! Maybe you’ll even find treasure along the way?

Pirate Jugglers great fro birthdays



Princesses Cincinnati Ohio

Princess Ann: She’s the perfect princess for your little one’s party. Bubbly personality, great dress, and great hair! She has an awesome sister, so don’t forget to invite them both to your magical birthday party, Halloween party, or children's event! Ask her if she has any hidden talents….she may surprise you!



Princess Elise
princess elise cincinnati events

Princess Elise: Sister to Ann and just as awesome...Princess Elise! Don’t “let her go” because she can perform on the aerial silks, face paint and so much more! She and Princess Ann are happy to pose for photos with you and anoint you as the Princess of your own back yard! Call us now to book!


Prince Handsome

Prince Handsome

Prince Handsome: Your little Princess will love our gentleman Prince at her birthday party! He will pose for photos, juggle, walk on stilts, even eat fire! Your wish is his command! With dashing good looks, and a wink of his eye, everyone in the kingdom will fall in love with Prince Handsome!

Pirate Costume Character Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House
Pirate Shows
Cincinnati Pirate Actors Pirate Party
Pirate Ship Kracken Inflatable Slide

Princess Characters

Princess Birthday Party or Princesses at your Company Picnic!

They look the part, they act the part, and they know the part. These performers will bring your kid's favorite princess to life right before their eyes. Our princess will teach the kids how to curtsy, do a princess wave, and more. We include sing-alongs, dances, and a presentation of the gifts or cake.
You can add on a craft session, glitter tattoos, tinsel hair for the kids, or balloon scepters and crowns made by the princess as well.
It's a magical and memorable experience you child won't soon forget!

Crafts: balloon animals, coloring paper crowns, making flower crowns, beaded necklaces



Renaissance Actor Costume Character
Renaissance Girl Costume Actor

Renaissance: With all the Glory of Royalty comes our Renaissance characters. You can ask for a Princess or Queen, a King or a Jester...the choice is yours! Our Jester can do strolling magic, or perform an entire comedy magic show. He can juggle (with or without walking on stilts), and he can make balloon shapes to please anyone of any age. Our entertainers can also perform on the aerial silks (some even perform at the renaissance fair), their costumes are majestic and so are their performances! Your little prince or princess deserves a birthday fit for royalty!


Roman Performers Costume Characters

Did you know that Cincinnati was named after a famous Roman leader named Lucius Cincinnatus? He stood for virtue and community...and so do we here at Cincinnati Circus Company.

Roman Toga Party Circus Maximus Roman Team Building

Roman Toga Party, Circus Maximums, and Roman Team building: Gladiators. Ceasars. Power and Prestige. Cincinnati has a few Romans living here at the Cincinnati Circus Company! We have Chariots we can race, and plenty of performances up our sleeves! Book a chariot race today!

Roman Toga Party Circus Maximus Roman Living Statues
Roman Toga Party Circus Maximus Roman Chariot
Roman Toga Photo's Photo Booth
Cincinnati Poisiden god of water
Roman Toga Girl Living Statue
Roman Toga Casino Night?
Roman Centurion Living Statue
Roman Chariot Racing Team Building
Roman Gladiator Sword Champaign Opener



Snow man Costume Characters

We’ve all been dreaming of a white Christmas; and a snowman can help bring the Christmas spirit to you! Whether it’s an event at the mall, a Holiday Party, Fundraiser, or Winter Wonderland Birthday...he can attend (he’s so great, he won’t melt even if your party is inside!). He can bring his magic hat and come to life, performing several acts for you and your guests!

Star Warriors Characters

Star Warriors

They look the part, they act the part, and they know the part. These performers will bring the Jedis and Siths to life right before their eyes. We include games, How to be a Jedi lessons, foam "light saber" lessons, and a presentation of the gifts or cake.
You can add on magic performing, LED or fire performing, or balloon twisting made by the character as well.
It's a magical and memorable experience you child won't soon forget!



Stilt Walker Circus Performer
Stilt Walker Festivals & Parades

Stilt walkers can juggle, make balloon animals, or give really high hi-fives!  They can dance and no event is too crowded.  We provide stilt walkers all over the country.  Our most popular date is the Fourth of July where we perform as Uncle Sam on Stilts and Lady Liberty.  If you go to Wikipedia the stilt walker picture is of one of our stilt walkers!  We have hundreds of costumes to choose from.  All of our stilt walkers are clean cut and kid friendly!  We also regularly perform for the Cincinnati Reds and as Giant Elves around the holidays.

If you're considering hiring a balloon artist, make sure to supersize them!

Stilt Walker Cincinnati



Super Hero Costume Character
Spider Man Super Hero

Spider guy is a timeless superhero.  Easily recognizable!  Depending on the Spider guy can make balloon animals or juggle! Parades are a favorite for Spider guy but we've also performed at birthday parties, festivals, or company picnics!  We've performed spider guy all over Cincinnati including the City of Montgomery Fourth of July Parade!  Spider guy is also great for photo ops!

Spiderman and Princess



Sports Mascot Costume Character
Mascot! Baseball Mascot

Sports Mascots of all costumes are available.  There's an added benefit that our people are not only athletic they have circus skills!  We have performed in the Cincinnati Red's field, and on the dugouts.  We have been the mascot for the Florence Freedom Baseball Team as well as performed at many college half-time shows.  Mascots are great for more than just sporting events.  Mascots are great for company picnics, or entertainment venues.  We've also performed as Sir Top'em Hat for many Thomas the Train station events!

Costume Characters Cincinnati

Superhero Characters

Superhero Birthday Party or Company Picnic or Event

They look the part, they act the part, and they know the part. These performers will bring your kid's favorite superhero to life right before their eyes. Our superheros will teach the kids how to stand like a hero, come up with their own superhero names, and more. We include games, dancing, and a presentation of the gifts or cake.
You can add on a craft, magic, glitter tattoos, or balloon twisting made by the superhero as well.
It's a magical and memorable experience you child won't soon forget!

Crafts: balloon animals, cape decorating, coloring pages, mask making



Super Hero Costume Character
Superman Super Hero

Superguy Super Hero Character: “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s Superguy!” Our entertainers are Super, and their skills are too! Your event will be taken to the next level with a costumed Juggler or Stilt Walker! Do you want to add some flair to your party? Some Thrill? Try putting your Superhero in the air by watching them fly in real life on a Trapeze or on the Aerial Silks! Our Superheroes are “faster than a speeding bullet!”

Cincinnati Circus Company loves to pay homage to Superman...did you know that all of Cincinnati loves him too? The Hall of Justice was inspired by our very own Cincinnati Museum Center! Great for Birthday Parties or Company Picnics!



costume character
Tink Bell Costume Character Cincinnati

Tink: She’s tiny and sweet and ready to take you Neverland! This little fairy can do aerial performances, fly on the trapeze, face paint...or just stroll around and take photos with all the party goers! must believe in fairies because “they can fly, they can fly, they can fly”!



Cowboy character

Western: Saddle up Cowboy, our entertainers are in town. Watch them lasso, crack the whip with precision, and much more! Our Western themed characters can provide the atmosphere of the wild west in your own backyard...and their skills are as entertaining as Annie Oakley! These characters can perform stunt shows, sideshow acts, and strolling performances as well. Call Cincinnati Circus Company and we will book you a cowboy or cowgirl for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!



Wizard School character

“Abracadabra!!!” Who just showed up? A wizard of course! Our spellbinding actors can make a big impression at your next event! See if they can juggle, face paint, or fly on the silks! Of course, if you want them to show you some magic, they’ll be happy to mesmerize you with a few spells! This character is great for Halloween, Birthday Parties, Trivia Nights, and anywhere that you want a little magic in the air!


Wizard of Otz

Wizard of Otz Costume Characters
Wizard of Otz Costume Characters for Cincinnati Events

Wizard of Otz: Remember our Halloween Scarecrow? Well...he’s walking on the golden brick road now! One of our favorite themes is Wizard of Otz! Meet Dot, Gilda the good witch, the Fearful Lion, The Tin Guy, Scareman, and the Wiz himself! Each entertainer has a special talent, and you’ll have a wonderful time at your Halloween party, birthday party or special event! Beware of the wicked witch of the north and all her flying chimpanzees never know what they might be up to! Call Cincinnati Circus Company to bring the City of Otz to your front door!

Wizard of Oz Costume Characters for Cincinnati Events


Wonderful Woman

Wonderful Woman Super Hero
Wonder Woman Super Hero

Wonderful Woman: Strait from the Amazon, Wonderful woman will be at your event in full costume! She can fly on the aerial silks or high upon the trapeze. There is never a dull moment when Wonderful Woman is around. She fights crime while being a great female Superhero for your birthday party! Ask about what skills she has...she might even be able to eat fire!



Costume Character FORTUNE TELLER ACT
Human Zoltar

Human Zoltar!  Some costume characters are for adults.  Great for holiday parties, after proms, galas and fancy events.  Zoltar is a fun twist on an old classic.  He dispenses fortune cookies, and adds a childhood levity to serious occasions.  You're never too "Big" for human Zoltar.

Human Zoltar Fortune Teller


Zoo Animals Cincinnati Zoo

Zoo Animals Costume Character
Cincinnati Zoo Animals

Zoo Animals: See the jungle come to life with our animal costumes! These are great for Birthday parties with children who love the zoo, or who love the movie the lion king! Have a roaring good time while our entertainers pose for photos, make balloons, juggle and much more! Having a facepainter can make your zoo themed party wild with your little tigers running all over! Fiona would love a great Zoo party!

Stilt Walking Animals