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Spy School

Welcome to Spy School
An Unforgettable Team Building Experience!


Your mission should you choose to accept it... is to attend spy school. At spy school you will be trained in the arts of espionage, evasion, lethal force, and infiltration. Use all forces necessary to attend. Warning this message will self-destruct after you have read it.

You’ll love spy school! Spy school is a fun team teambuilding party! Our professional spy’s will great your guests as they enter then we’ll organize them into teams and have them compete in spy challenges! You choose the challenges! Reward the winning team!

Spy School Activities & Challenges

bomb1Bomb Defusing

Your team must work together. You have 60 seconds. Communication is the key!

Team Leadership is often about recognizing the gifts of your team. Putting people into places where they will be successful, and communicating clearly. Our Bomb Defusing Station requires all of these for your team to win.
Have a high stress work environment? Have decisions that need to be made quickly? Our Team Building Bomb defusing will let your team practice their roles in a fun environment!

Marksmanship & Firearms

Fun and Safe!

You’ll laugh and play together as you accomplish your goals. Let’s be honest hitting the target is an important metaphor for life and business. There are many versions of this game. We can make it as silly or as real as you’d like, the lesson is the same.

Field Surgery

Steady Under Pressure!

Trust is the key, that and some really steady hands. You’ll have to decide your strategy as a team and watch the clock. Good time management will win the day!

Laser Maze

You must work together

Use your best people and hope they don’t touch a laser! Fun and fast paced your team will love this challenge.

Handcuff Picking

Real handcuffs! Real escapes!

Leave having learned something cool! Remember spy school team building is about accomplishing missions no matter what!

Additional Spy School activities include:

  • Coded Breaking
  • Safe Cracking
  • Pick Your Poison
  • Knife Throwing
  • Obstacle Agility Test Course
  • Escape By Any Means Necessary
  • Gamble like a Spy
  • Look like a spy
  • Martini Challenge
  • Lie Detector
  • The Art of Seduction
  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Wine Tasting
  • McGuyver Survival
  • Salon Time
  • Zipline to Freedom!
  • Cheating at Poker
  • Spy Memory


Spy School Decor

Spy School FAQs

How Many People Can Attend Spy School?
Spy School is great for any size company

Can we play as individuals or just as teams
Either is possible! Some companies have Spy Parties with us, others want to compete as teams and track their scores! Both are great!

What spy décor do you offer?
Lots! We have lots of great spy décor! We will happily help your reception hall turn into a true spy training camp! We have a more spy décor than we can possibly show on our website!

What other spy challenges do you offer?
We offer many spy school elective courses! Lots of fun options for every fitness level! We have spy classes as campy or as serious as you would like. Tell us about your group and we’ll happily suggest lots of fun activities!

What spy entertainment do you offer?
We’re a fun entertainment company with all the acts! Disc Jockeys! Photo Booths! Green Screen Photography! Fire Performers! Living Statues! Champagne Dresses! Aerial Bartenders! Strolling Magicians! Light up Podium Performers! And lots more!

How long is spy school?
We can adjust your team building to meet any amount of time! Long or short!

Where can spy school happen?
Any reception hall, banquet center, or even in your office! We are happy to transform any space into a team building environment!

Why should I choose your company for our Team Building Event?
We’ve been providing team building events for twenty years. Our staff is made up of full time professional entertainers, we offer creative team building that no one else has, and we’re who other companies choose for their events. GE Aviation, P & G, the Cincinnati Reds, Coca Cola, Subaru, & Nike just to name a few.

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These team building activities are great for all sizes of groups and best in the 2 to 3 hour time frame!

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