Every kid should see this show!

Every fair should have this show! Advertise that you have a circus coming! Some of the acts you'll see include comedy, juggling, magic, dancing, aerial silks, balancing objects, aerial lyra, chair stacking, rolling globe, spanish web, hula hoop, fire performance, wheel of death, clowning, flying trapeze. There will also be lots of volunteer acts and lots of comedy!

Our Big Show in the Headlines!

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Our Big Circus Show in Action

A little more about our big circus show

Every season our one ring circus show gets bigger! Every season our one ring circus show gets better! Before every show our cast of performers greets the kids in the audience. After every show our cast signs autographs and poses for pictures. We use lots of volunteers in the show, all of our volunteers get given giant stuffed animals. We get the whole audience and make them a part of the action. We often use live musicians and original compositions in our shows. We never use no animals in the show, unless it's one of our own performers dressed up as a tiger and jumping through a flaming hoop! We never sell anything at our shows, but you are welcome to do so. Concessions and prizes can be sold by your school or organization as a fundraiser. We are an open air circus, so you don't have to worry about a tent. We can set up just about anywhere and we perform rain or shine. If you would like a show without fire we can do that. If you would like a show with more fire we can do that to. Anything is possible! If you would like to come out and speak right before the grand finale or would like us to mention certain sponsors we're happy to! Sometimes we show up and the audience is younger so we change up some of the acts. Sometimes we have an all adult audience so we add stuff for adults. Some of our guests want several different shows across a day or week, we can do that too! Our experienced cast can handle any situation. Including the time a tornado knocked our rig over in the middle of the night... we still performed the next day.

We love other circuses! We have many friends that now perform elsewhere and we have many cast members that got their start with other circuses. We highly recommend you check out as many circuses as you can. We do! With that said, there are some important differences between our circus and other circuses. We are not a family circus. All of our performers are adults. All of our performers are people who have dedicated their lives to circus and have many skills. They auditioned for their spots on one of our three (Red, Black, & Gold) casts and were chosen because they were the best. The result is you get a clean show with many more acts. We're not trying to stretch to get to an hour and half, we're trying to fit it all in.

We have four shows to choose from! You don't need to request a cast, (red, black, or gold) just tell us what you're trying to accomplish. If you have a preference tell us which of the following four shows sounds good to you...

Sometimes we have events especially county fairs and festivals who want to go even bigger! It is totally possible to add our Globe of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show or our Dark Carnival Sideshow in addition. Often the best placement for these shows is to run them separately and opposite on the schedule. They are each about an hour in length and like our Big Circus Show they come complete with everything they will need.

About Our Big Circus Show FAQ's

Do you ever perform as a fundraiser?       All the time!

How long does set up take?       Please allow four hours.

Do you need grass or asphalt?      Either is fine, Grass is preferred

Can you perform in a gym?      Yes! We won't hurt the floor!

Are there other acts in addition to what you listed?       Yes! We add acts all the time! We have many retired favorites that some clients will ask for.

Do you have animals in your show?      No, We are an athletic circus. We have no animals.

Do you have children in your show?      Only volunteers. Our staff are all paid professionals.

How many acts will we see?      On average? 16 Acts! way more than most circuses!

What do you need?      Flat space 80 long, by 35 deep, by 20 tall (without wheel of destiny) 30 tall with wheel of destiny.

What electric do you need?      2 20 AMP 110 volt circuits

Do you bring an RV?       No, we will stay in a hotel and we will take care of all of our accommodations.

Is the show kid friendly?      Totally! Kid and church friendly!

When are you available?      All year round!

Are you insured?      Yes! We pay a lot for our insurance so our customers don't worry.

Where will you perform?      Anywhere! We have performed in all of the following places. Cincinnati Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Rochester New York, New York New York, Chicago Illinois, Casey Illinois, Indianapolis Indiana, Louisville Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, New Orleans and many many more.

Other Circus Shows

In addition to our Big Circus Show we also offer a variety of other circus shows. Some of these other circus shows are less expensive than our Big Circus Show. All of these shows are still excellent pics for schools, churches, colleges, company picnics, corporate picnics, county fairs and festivals.

  • Aerial Acrobatics Show
  • Carnival Sideshow
  • Comedy Juggling Show
  • Comedy Magic Show
  • Fire Show
  • Globe of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show
  • Glow Black Light Circus Show
  • Wheel of Death & Fire Show

Other Circus Acts we offer

  • Balloon Artist
  • Circus Ax Throwing Workshop
  • Circus German Wheel Workshop
  • Circus Hula Hooping Workshop
  • Circus Juggling Workshop
  • Circus Knife Throwing Workshop
  • Circus Tight Rope Walking Workshop
  • Circus Rolling Globe Workshop
  • Face Painter
  • Living Statue
  • Stilt Walker
  • Strolling Magician

As you can tell from our website there are many services we offer. Many of our clients who book our Big Circus Show, especially our corporate clients like it when we bring inflatable rides or circus workshops. Feel free to ask about the many services we provide. When you rent everything from us... when you allow us to set up your entire event you often save a lot of money and you have a much smoother event.