Traveling Circus Shows

Aerial Acrobats

The Big Circus Show!

Our Big Circus Show is an astounding mixture of fun, comedy, agility, and skill. It features Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Magicians, Fire Eating, and Aerial Acrobatics on a Flying Trapeze! All of this is in the hands of the Ringmaster who takes you from one amazing talent to the next! We even have a Wheel of Destiny, Chair Stacking Show, and Trampoline Wall!!! We have all the great Circus acts!

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Aerial Acrobatics and Fire Show!

Beauty, grace, strength! You’ll fall in love with our Darlings of the Air as they amaze and inspire! Many different aerial acts will be performed high above the crowd! We also provide Fire Acts performed on the ground! In-between shows our acrobats will meet and greet with your guests and talk with the children. Need a sponsor? We can hang 2qty, 5’6” long banners 18” in height from the top of the rig! We bring everything we need, just give us a flat spot and an electric hook up for the music. This is a great show for family events! (we can perform without the fire)

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Wheel of Death Circus Show

Wheel of Death & Fire Show!

The most intense 30 minutes you’ll ever see!  Twenty-five feet in the air, these dare devils will defy death and entertain with beauty, grace and fire! Every hour on the hour our performers will amaze your guests.  In-between shows they will greet the audience and pose for pictures! Need a sponsor?  Tell them they can hang a 6’ x 6’ sign above everything! We bring everything we need just give us a flat spot and an electric hook up for the music. We will change your view of the Circus forever! (we can perform without the fire)


Phoenix: Fire & Flight

Our Phoenix: Fire and Flight show features many different kinds of Aerial Acrobatics, our Flying Trapeze, and many fine- performing acts, such as: Torch Juggling, Fire Staff, Fire Hopping, etc. This hot, high-flying experience will keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

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Stage Shows

Carnival Sideshow

Dark Carnival Sideshow!

Enjoy the dark side of Circus, and see the most amazing human acts. You'll embrace your phobias, watch those around you squirm and murmur. You won’t be able to look away! You’ll talk about this show all the way home, and for a long time after. Sponsorship spots are available as well. Tent with side walls & chairs are available for an extra fee. We bring everything we need, just give us a pitch with electric… for the electric chair! (we can perform without the fire, but we insist on the bed of nails)

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Glow & LED Shows

Fun and classic acts with a glowing twist! Our Glow LED Stage Show features juggling, dance, hooping, and much, much more.
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Comedy Mind Reading Magic Show

Comedy Mind Reading & Hypnosis Show

Cruise Ship Magician Chris Yantek will keep all your guests laughing with his unique twist on magic. He will read your mind! It's the freshest magic to hit Cincinnati and we won't be able to hold onto him for long! This hysterical and puzzling twist on magic makes for a great show for adult audiences. Perfect for college events and company parties!

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Comedy Magic Shows

Comedy Magic Show

Comedy Magic performed before your very eyes! Your guests can participate on stage as volunteers, and our magicians will keep everyone laughing!

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Comedy Juggling Show

Comedy Juggling Shows

Great for schools, scout troops, summer camps, and festivals! Our jugglers are fun and funny! They'll perform silly human tricks of great skill and art! Lot's of volunteers will get their chance to be a star! The whole audience will love it, and your kids will want to learn this skill! Juggling shows are usually thirty to forty minutes long and you get your pick your choice of acts: with or without fire!

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Game Shows

Nothing promotes teamwork and team building like a little friendly competition between coworkers! Our portable games and games shows are a blast for everyone – even your boss! Be sure to ask us about all of our game show options!

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Fire & Luau Show

Aloha! Fire Shows and Luau’s are great! In addition to custom fire performances, we also offer pig roasting, steel drum bands, hermit crab racing, tiki heads, tiki huts, and lots of other great Luau entertainment! Mahalo!

Kid's Shows

Silly Puppet Shows

Gather the little kids around for this immersive puppet experience! Fun and funny with a sing-a-long at the end.

Pirate Shows

Circus performed with a Pirate theme! All the great acts, but with the addition of great costumes and accents! Your kids will love it, and what a great change of pace on the classic!

After Prom Ideas Cincinnati

Kid's Rock Sing-A-Long Shows

A super talented musician will get your little ones up and dancing! Great for pre-schools, primary schools, summer and fall events!

Additional Show Related Items

Puppet/Ticket Booth

Gather the little kids around our beautifully crafted puppet booth for this immersive experience! Fun and funny with a sing-a-long at the end, performed in an eye-catching booth!