Make your Wedding Unique!

Great weddings start with great planning.  There are many details to consider when planning a wedding reception.  The obvious who will be your dj, or photographer.  Whether to have a photo booth.  What venue to choose for the reception, inside or outside.  Then there's the not so obvious wedding planning... what if people bring kids? Some people bring kids event if they are told not to, how do we make if fun? How do we make it memorable?

It's popular today to have atypical wedding receptions.  Dispensing with some classic wedding traditions and making the reception more about the couple.  During a classic wedding reception pictures are typically taken after the ceremony.  During this time guests are waiting.  This is a perfect opportunity for entertainment and activities.  Another classic wedding tradition is dancing, for those that tire easy or don't dance a magician going table to table is perfect.

There are many possibilities for your wedding.  Tell us what you have in mind, we can help you create it and we can share with you what other couples have had at their weddings. Making weddings unique and memorable is the service we offer. We have all of the basics you might need, tents, tables, chairs, dj's and all the unique too!

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Wedding Support

From Coordination to Clean up!

Wedding Coordinator

Many brides are great coordinators. Brides know what they want, they just may not know where to get it. Call us we can share with you other bride's stories. Choose what you like to make your day special!

Wedding Photography

Capture your special day in photographs and video! You deserve the pictures to share your special day with others. Posed and candid. Classic and silly. We offer excellent wedding photography.

Photo Booths

Photo booths should be so much more than a camera in a box. Our Photo Mirror Photo Booth will talk to you. It compliments and cracks jokes. Our photo mirror photo booth does everything a traditional photo booth will do and so much more! In addition we never just drop off a photo booth. Horror stories abound of photo booths that didn't work as promised. We always attend ours to ensure you capture your special day! Ask for the best!

Venue Assistance

Don't waste time visiting the bad places. Let us guide you to the best wedding & reception venues in Cincinnati! We've provided wedding support and entertainment at just about every venue. One of our top pics for weddings on a budget is the The Newport Syndicate! There are many more great reception places. Just tell us where and we'll give you recommendations!

DJ / EmCee
Tables & Chairs


Aerial Bartending
Aerial Performers
Living Statuess
Palm Reader
Champagne Dress
Wine Bike
Strolling Table

Kid's Entertainment

Arcade Games
Bounce Houses
Kids Performer
Hi-Tech Games & VR
Carnival Games
Giant Games