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No plans for your schools post prom party? Don't worry - we have you covered! The Cincinnati Circus Company has everything you need to bring life to your event. after prom party ideas. From inflatable rentals, to green screen photo booths, we're a one-stop-shop! If we don't have it, we'll make it. We have carnival games, inflatable rentals, live entertainment, DJs, photo booths, casino games, balloon artists, face painters, decor & more.

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Is it better to have after prom at the high school or off site?

Well, if you have lots of money and are a little lazy, off-site is better, but if money matters and you don’t mind working hard, then having it at high school is the way to go. After proms at the high school are cheaper and typically look way cooler, but you’ll need a lot of volunteers.

How important is décor, rides, entertainers, activities… how do I prioritize?
Free is the most important so anything you can get for free or almost free is best! Next comes activities and games. I know you’re creative so start creating. It’s amazing the activities and games you can come up with on the cheap. Then food, doesn’t have to be good, but there does need to be a lot we’re talking high school kids. Next comes some inflatables… don’t let the inflatable company snow you into spending your hole budget! Some inflatables, but you still need an end of the night show. Not every after prom has an end of the night show. IMHO Every after prom NEEDS and end of the night show. It doesn’t have to be a hypnotist! It can be a game show, a comedy mind reading show, a carnival sideshow, a movie, a video with pictures of them. ANYTHING! More on this later… So Free Stuff, Cheap Activities, Food, Some Rides, End of Night Show, … next is a strolling entertainer, followed by activities you’re willing to pay for and then décor.

Why do I need an end of the night show?
Everyone including the kids are tired. Let them sit. Herding all the teens into one room allows you to start closing the rest of the high school an hour early! So you get to go home earlier. More importantly it sends them home earlier which is safer and it sends them off as a group which has a nice feel to it. After prom is one of the last things these students will participate in together.

Why do I need a strolling entertainer at my after prom?
A strolling entertainer will go up to kids that look like they need a pick me up and say, “Hello.” It’s as simple as that. With all the craziness of the night. The kid who got dumped, or the kid who’s friends didn’t come, or is tired, will be sitting by themselves and a magician, or a juggler, or an origami artist, or a monkey handler will walk up to them and cheer them up and energize them. Perhaps the most important thing you will do in organizing an after prom is making sure no kid get’s left out.

Al a carte? Vs All Together?
The reality is that there are a ton of inflatable companies. Choose an inflatable company that also provides décor and entertainers. You will get a much better rate on the whole package. Everyone has inflatables. Are they new? … Will the kids care? I doubt it. If you need the inflatables in pristine condition say so. If you’re willing to pay for it every inflatable company will buy a new one to make a sale.

Okay so what are some activities we can do?
Here are some classic after prom activities… casino room (your inflatable company should supply this with dealer instruction), games room, some kind of race, something for the brainy kids quiz show? Something with shooting (laser tag, shooting gallery), some sport not running (gaga pit, tricycle races), some sports with running obstacle course, something with art (wax hands, tattoos, caricature artist) something weird (sideshow performer, palm reader, cock roach handler, snake guy) something cute (monkey handler) something that’s a keepsake (green screen photographer) … the list goes on. I can’t wait to hear what you create!

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