Circus Stunt Show

Death defying and amazing acts!

Be thrilled and amzed by the amazing skill of our daredevil performers! A smaller version of our big show, that still offers our most exciting acts! Hold your breath while our skilled aerialists perform on our amazing Wheel of Death, perform daring Aerial Acrobatics, show off their balance and skill with chair stacking, and much more! Includes audience volunteers, surprises and fire!

We provide it all!

  • All Stages Provided By Us
  • Tenting & Rigging Done By Us
  • We Provide P.A. & Sound System
  • Tons Of Audience Participation
  • Child Friendly
  • Nothing Risque

Stunt Show includes...

  • Aerial Lyra & Silks
  • Aerial Web
  • Chair Stacking
  • Rolling Globe
  • Wheel of Death
  • Much More!

Specs and requirements

  • Space Requirement:
    • 55' x 30' x 40'(Optimal)
    • If needed, can be made smaller
  • Time Requirement:
    • 2.5 hour set up
    • 60 Minute run time

Stunt Show Gallery

Cincinnati Circus Stunt Show Video & Media Appearances

The acts at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair this year are FIRE!🔥 Melissa Stephens WNDU is hanging with Cincinnati Circus Company and they’re showing you what they will be doing out here!

Posted by WNDU on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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