Complete Your Event With Tents, Seating, Stages, and More!

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your party-tent rental needs ! If you need tents for any size event ,we can provide it! We also have chairs and tables available for your Corporate Event, Company Picnic, Private Party, Wedding, or even any School or Municipal Festival. Various staging setups are also available for rental- if you can dream it, Cincinnati Circus can help make it a reality.  We also have P.A. and sound systems available for you soiree! For food lovers everywhere: we can provide concessions, massive cookouts, food trucks, and more!

Call us today at (513) 921-5454 to learn more about how we can build a complete event for you

We Have You Covered!

Tent Rental

Banquet Tents and Tent Rental!

Tent Rental for Corporate Picnics, Church Events, Municipal and School Events
Any size tent, grass, asphalt (with patching service), secured with your choice of concrete blocks, water barrels, or stakes.
Rent a tent and get discounts on tables, chairs and stages!

- 20'  x 20' - White Frame Tent - 32-48 people at tables (4 quantity 5' rounds or 6 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 75 people theater style

- 20' x 30'  - White Frame Tent - 48-72 people at tables (6 quantity 5' rounds or 9 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 100 people theater style

- '20 x 40'  - White Frame Tent - 64-96 people at tables, (8 quantity 5' rounds or 12 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 120 people theater style

- 30' x 50' - White Pole Tent - 120-190 people at tables, (15 quantity 5' rounds or 20 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 250 people theater style

- 40' x 40' - White Frame Tent - 136-206 people at tables, (17 quantity 5' rounds or 22 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 300 people theater style

- 40' x 60' - White Frame Tent - 152-238 people at tables, (19 quantity 5' rounds or 26 quantity 8' rectangular tables) or 375 people theater style

Tent Sidewalls and Heaters also available!
Generators, PA systems, Stages, Dance Floors and Lighting also available!

Table and Chair Rentals

- Rectangular Tables 8' (Note these tables require linens for formal dining)

- Round Tables 5' (Note these tables require linens for formal dining)

- Table Linens (Black, White, Special colors upon request)

- Chairs

Stage Rentals

- Stage 12'deep x 16'wide x 1'tall (this stage is adjustable and made from 4'x 8' panels.)

- Music Stage Trailer 16'deep x 24'wide x 3'tall (Band Stage with Sound Trussing 12'high, top & back awning) 

- Performance Stage Trailer 24'deep x 16'wide x 3'tall* (ornate red and black striped / enclosed back, 8'high opening) 


Sound and Light

- PA systems, DJ's, Karaoke
- Carnival Bulb Lights, LED Up lights, Chandeliers, LED effect Lighting, Gobo images, LED Cubes

Circus Tents & Carnival Tents

- 40' x 80' Circus Tent Red and White with diamonds with optional 20 x 40 entrance tent. 500+ person capacity! (Note taller than most tents, 10' side walls)

- 20 x 30 Circus Sideshow Tent Red and Black with diamonds (Note taller than most tents, 10' side walls)

- 15 x 15 Octagonal Bridal Tent / Gypsy Tent

- 8' x 8' x 11' Carnival Booths (minimum 6qty)

Catering Menu and Grilling

Catering, Onsite Grilling & Food Trucks

We offer many options for food.  We will work with and coordinate with the caterer of your choice to make sure they have what they need.  We can provide our own on site grilling service which we recommend. We have an extensive list of food trucks and concession vendors which we can offer to you.

On site grilling is the easiest way to meet the dietary needs of a diverse group.  We provide 2 hours of food service during which time everyone can have as much to eat as they would like.  After which time we leave the leftovers with you for anyone to snack on. 

What we provide…

  • Grilling, Serving and Staffing.  Not to worry, we take care of everything.  What you pay includes everything necessary to make your meal successful.
  • We show up many hours prior to your event and begin prepping.  You will never worry whether we will be on time, or about the freshness of our food prep.
  • We will cook enough food for everyone to have seconds and some people to have thirds.  We always bring extra food supplies (not paid for by the client) to ensure enough food for everyone.  We do not leave these extra food supplies with the client at the end of the event.


The Menu

Main Dish

  • Hot Dogs (beef / kosher)
  • Hamburgers (beef / kosher)
  • Brats 
  • Mets
  • Vegan Burgers
  • Gluten Free Burgers
  • Chicken Breasts

Sides, Condiments, Beverages

  • Buns
  • Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce
  • Condiments: Relish, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup
  • Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Your choice of 2 sides (*additional sides may be added)
    • Tossed Salad
    • Baked Beans
    • Cole Slaw
    • Potato Salad
    • Fruit Tray
    • Veggie Tray
    • Popcorn & Cotton Candy
    • Snow Cones
    • Nachos and Cheese
  • Dessert (sheet cake)
  • Drinks (Optional)
    • This is a very popular package.  We serve the drinks in ice and take care of all of the transportation.  We supply enough drinks for everyone to have at least two pops, and an ample supply of the water, tea and kool-aid.  We always bring extra (not paid for by the client) so as to ensure we do not run out. We do not leave extra beverages with the client at the end of the event.
    • 4 types of name brand pop (coke or pepsi)
      • Cola
      • Diet Cola
      • Clear, Caffeine Free, Diet option
      • Alternate option
    • 2 types of non-pop (kool-aid) & iced tea
    • Water
  • On site grilling is based upon headcount. 
  • 100 people minimum
  • Ask about gourmet coffee and smoothie bar

Fun Stuff


Pull a chair up to the table

Company Picnics and Events aren't complete without tables, linens and chairs. We even have cocktail rounds for mingling or h'orderves!

Contact us today to discuss your table and chair rental needs!

We don't just take the stage, we deliver it too!

Cincinnati Circus can provide stages and P.A. systems for your event. Do you need something specific for your public venue or private space? Call and talk to one of our sales specialist to discuss your stage requirements. We are ready to provide staging and sound systems for you!

Don't forget to ask about our entertaining Emcee's and DJ's to keep your event running so you can enjoy the party!

Catering, Concessions, and Foodie Fulfillment

Cincinnati Circus can setup catering and concessions for any style of event. From grilling and fair food, to catering and food trucks; We have access to any culinary creation you desire!

Call us today to talk about your fabulous food needs and we will work to make it a reality!

Carnival Booths For Your Midway Style Fun

Step right up and give your event, picnic, or festival a fantastic selection of carnival booths and games! We provide a huge selection of games, activities, and keepsake- craft booths for your guests and visitors.

Connect with one of our entertainment planners to dream up the best choices for your party! We have multiple options to choose from.

If you need someone to run the booths and award prizes, we can provide attendants and prizes for an additional fee.

Some of the Carnival Booths and games we carry are:

  • Fuzzy Cats
  • Balloon Darts
  • Football Throw
  • Milk Can Toss
  • Ring Toss
  • Hi-Striker
  • Roller Bowler
  • Fish Bowl Toss
  • Much More!