Cincinnati, Ohio’s only Flying Trapeze School!

The most unique team building you’ll ever fall in love with!

Your team will love the thrill! Feel the adrenalin pump! Get an excellent work out and a lot of sunshine!

Cheer for one another! Overcome obstacles! Have a sense of accomplishment! Take pictures of one another and have a story to tell the rest of your life.

Your team will learn to fly on a trapeze with real flying trapeze artists.

Call for our corporate trapeze team building and receive extra time and extra stuff.

Ask about including bumper stickers and t – shirts for your team.

Everyone is high in the air! Everyone is safe! Everyone will have the biggest thrill of their lives!


  • Where are you located?
    Our Trapeze School is located at 3009 Clifton Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45220.
  • Can you travel to us?
    Yes we have a trapeze that is portable and can be brought to your company picnic.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear comfortable clothing. You may be flipping upside down so keep that in mind when dressing yourself.
  • We have people who either can’t or won’t fly – can we do something for them too?
    If you have non-athletic people in your group let us know and we’ll have fun stuff for them to do as well.
  • Do you offer additional entertainment?
    Yes you can add lots of fun things to your day at our trapeze including rides, games, tents, catering.
  • How many people can fly? How long does the experience last?
    Average private booking size is 5-20 people and 2 hours long.
  • Should I book in-person or online?
    If you’re booking a single class for just yourself or a couple of friends. Please book that on line.
  • I’m booking a corporate outing, how should I book?
    If you’re booking a corporate flying trapeze team building please call us for scheduling. 513 921-5454