Comedy Sideshow Performer and entertainer Brandi Clark.  She's beautiful and a little crazy... in a good way.

Her show is unique and a lot of fun.  Brandi performs many acts and skills.  She is unique in the entertainment world you've never seen anything like her.  Unless you've seen her previously.  Many of the colleges Brandi has performed at simply demand her back over and over.  One university in Indiana has asked Brandi back four times in under two years!

Some of the circus and sideshow acts Brandi performs include: aerial acrobatics, fire performance, fire eating, electric chair, glass walking, glass eating, bottle walking, hula hoop, whip cracking, ladder of swords, bed of swords, contortion, bed of nails, girl in a box, coffin full of cockroaches and cockroach eating!

Brandi's beauty is complimented by her infectious dark humor and and comedic performances. Starring in our famous ten-in-one carnival sideshow, Brandi has performed at colleges, festivals and fairs across the midwest.

Laugh, be amazed and entertained by Brandi as she performs audaciously bold feats that include, glass walking, fire eating, crawling cockroaches and much more!