• Photo Cut Outs: 4×8 vertical carnival cutouts.
  • Circus Wagons: Two large circus wagons complete with a stuffed tiger and lion. These 1/4 size replicas are great décor items that double as tables to gather around.
  • Carnival Banners/Decor: Carnival banner serve as wall coverings and backdrops.
  • Carnival Projections: Giant projected carnival scenes. Clowns, carousel horses, and carnival tents.
  • Carnival Tents: 10 x 10 red and white striped festival booths. 16 available.
  • Carnival Lighting: Classic festival tent lighting within each tent. Dim the main lights and give the feel of a summer night.



  • All Games: Prizes are NOT included. Separate charge for attendant.
  • Fuzzy Cats: Player throws been bags at rows of fuzzy “cats” to knock one over and win!. Fills a festival tent.
  • Balloon Darts: Throw darts at balloon “board” decorated with rows of colorful balloons. Break a balloon to win. Includes 5″ balloons.
  • Tic Tac Toss: Toss bean bags to land three in a row. A straight line wins.
  • Football Throw: Throw mini football through into the hands of Bengals and Ohio State Legends. A completion wins!
  • 2 Milk Can Tosses: Toss bean bags into milk can to win.
  • Fish Bowl Toss: Classic Carnival Game. Player tosses ping pong ball into fish bowl to win.
  • Ring Toss: Three tosses the player only needs to get one on to win!
  • Mini Golf Challenge: Two difficult putts, your choice of challenge.
  • Crazy Cans: Clear five cans off of the podium with only two throws.
  • Roller Bowler: Roll a bowling ball up a slope and get it to cradle at the top.
  • Prize Wheel: Guess your lucky number and give a spin, if your number comes up you win!
  • Minute to Win it: Minute to win it challenges! You verses the clock in four possible games! Paper clip challenge, cup stack challenge, Ping pong plates, spoons and dice.
  • Hi – Striker: Test your strength! Ring the bell and win! (No tent required).
  • Home Run Derby: Inflatable Home Run Derby! 13′ high. Swing and hit a wiffle ball as it floats on a jet of air. Score a run in three hits and you win! One electrical outlet needed.
  • Extreme Baskets: Inflatable Extreme basketball challenge! Two players at a time. A player wins by sinking two out of three shots! One electrical outlet needed.



  • Foosball: Classic Foosball Table. 2 -4 players.
  • Ping Pong: Classic Ping Pong Table. 2-4 players.
  • Pin ball: Circus Pin Ball. Great sound effects and fun.
  • Air Hockey: Classic Air Hockey. 2 players.
  • Pool Table: Classic table billiards. 2-4 players.
  • Wax Hands: Get a wax mold of your hand! All different colors. Hold hands with a friend.
  • Circus Workshop 1: Juggling and spinning plates. Be involved. For guests who have always wanted to learn to juggle. Professional circus performer provided as instructor.
  • Circus Workshop 2: Try a German Wheel and get flipped upside down or try a tight rope that is low to the ground. Professional circus performer provided as instructor.



  • Disc Jockey: Fun event music to keep everyone moving and upbeat.
  • Fire Performer: Greet your guests in style with this tuxedo wearing fire performer outside. As guests arrive the they will be greeted with a smile, a hello and an exciting performance.
  • Cheese Carver: Professional cheese sculptor sculpting from four separate flavors of cheese. Crackers are provided and guests are encouraged to sample. Yummy and beautiful.
  • Green Screen Photography: Many backdrops to choose from, including Carnival Props, costumes, and unlimited pictures. We offer on site printing as well. We will also provide free access to the pictures off of our website and mail a disc of pictures to our clients.
  • Head through table: Surrounded by fruit our guest melon will surprise and delight, telling jokes and entertaining while people dine.
  • Living Statue: Many living statues to choose from. A living statue will surprise and intrigue people. It will move around the room and make people laugh and pose for pictures. It may even dance.
  • Magician: Comedy that travels from group to group. Award winning comedy magic that will leave you wondering.
  • Origami Artist: Amazing with people with and paper. You’ll laugh and be in awe of his amazing paper sculptures. Challenge him with your idea and be further impressed.



  • Balloon Artist: Making extreme balloon hats and entertaining. Balloon figures and balloon beer steins are also possible.
  • Stilt Walker: Giving high fives and making tall jokes. You’ll enjoy our stilt entertainer.
  • Henna Tattoo Artist: Free handed body art that you can show off to friends. Henna tattoos are all natural and last one to three weeks.
  • Palm Reader: You’ll be amazed at how accurate our palm readers are, you’ll want to know everything about your future, and now you can.
  • Aerial Acrobats: Performing high in the air aerial silks, lyra, and Spanish web. Also performing hand balancing, hooping and poi on the ground. You’ll be dazzled by this over the top conversation piece.
  • Caricature Artist: Drawings fast and funny, of one person or couples.
  • Juggler: What carnival would be complete without a strolling juggler. Laying people down and juggling over top of them. Letting people toss him balls, and eating fire! (optional)
  • Event Coordinator: Don’t worry at your event. Let us do that. Event coordinators serve a valuable role at all events and are essential at larger ones.



  • Trackless Train: Train rides for kids! Up to 12 kids at a time. Take laps around your event. The train requires an outside space, which is paved, and relatively flat. Includes Conductor!
  • Inflatable Bounce: Large moon bounce to entertain your children. Pricing includes delivery and an attendant! We also offer Inflatable Mazes, Inflatable maze slide combos, and many more for little kids! Each piece requires a separate 110v circuit.
  • Inflatable Slide: Twenty – two foot tall Giant Slide! Children 12 and under will love this towering addition to your event. Pricing includes delivery and an attendant! Requires a separate 110v circuit.
  • Inflatable Obstacle: Everyone can enjoy our giant obstacles! Please select from 38’ long, 48’ long and 62’ long. Ages 5 through adult! Pricing includes delivery and an attendant! Requires a separate 110v circuit. Largest Obstacle requires 2 separate circuits.
  • Mechanical Bull: Awesome addition to every event! Displays best time! Settings for children and adults! Pricing includes delivery and an attendant! Requires 2 separate circuits!
  • Generators: High output generators may be rented for $125 per day. Each generator can supplies 2 separate circuits. 100’ extensions cords are included!