Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for your school, church or other charitable organization.

It’s a little cliché to emphasize "Fun" in FUNdraising, but It’s also true. If your fundraiser isn’t fun, you won’t do much "raising". It’s also true that most people hosting a fundraising event are hoping to have the same event year after year and for it to grow. The most important part of this strategy is to make the night fun so people won't want to miss it next year.

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Fundraising Event Ideas

How to make fundraising events fun isn’t always obvious so let’s start with some basics. First, we need to get some idea as to what type of fundraiser you think would be best received by your guests. Maybe a casino party or murder mystery dinner is up your alley? Or maybe you have you're party planned but want to add a fundraising component to your event. In that case a cash cube or break the safe would be perfect. Below is a list of our more popular fundraising events:

Casino Night Parties (aka Monty Carlo Nights)

Casino Nights are a great fundraiser! Put money in the room. Make it a topic of conversation! You don't have to have real money or real gaming for your fundraiser to be a success. Just make everyone feel like a high roller!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Make your fundraiser a little different with a themed murder mystery dinner! Your guests will feel like they've already received something by getting the chance to dress up. Ask about a custom murder mystery for your charity!

Night At the Races

Derby Horse Race Nights are a fantastic way to raise money for your event! You'll have all the focus up front and in-between the races is a great opportunity to talk, pitch, or auction! We've hosted a lot of successful horse racing fundraisers!

Jail & Bail

This is a great add on to your western casino fundraiser, or any fundraising party! Let your guests personalities shine! I've seen bail & jail bring in as much as $4,400. In extra donations!

Break The Safe

A beautiful addition to any silent auction! Break it up the table with an item that they pay to try and win! Make your fundraiser exciting and people will stay, longer, spend more, and come back!

Money Machine (aka Cash Cube)

Looking for a little silly fun that adds to your bottom line? Rent a cash cube and let your guests donate for a chance to win prizes!

Now that you have a few ideas we should probably discuss a few tips on how to best organize your fundraiser.

Planning Your Cincinnati Fundraising Event


First, if you’re having a fundraiser, pick a theme. If you can, tie it into the cause or motivation behind hosting your fundraiser. It can be as simple as setting up some holiday decor. Or as involved as a "Roaring 20s" theme complete with moonshine stills and Tommy guns (all props of course). We have a wide range of themes to choose from and if, on the off chance, we don't have what you want - we'll build it.


Second, hire some entertainment. Surprise your guests with fire performers or a living statues. Another good entertainment idea for your fundraiser is to hire greeters to welcome your guests in to the event. And not your average greeters either, we're talking about 8' foot stilt walking greeters who juggle knives and eat fire! Entertainment doesn't have to be strolling it can also be a great stage show, game show, or comedy adult magician.

Hands On

Third, another great way to make your fundraiser fun is to add hands on activities to your event. If the only hands on activity is putting food or drinks in their stomachs your guests could do that at restaurant. Perhaps you have a green screen photography set up, or a crafts station, or cards that can be signed and sent to the recipients of the charity. If your fundraiser is a casino ask if guests can spin the roulette wheel, or the big six wheel. If your fundraiser is a murder mystery ask if your guests get to be the actors.


Fourth, give your guests something to take home. Remember they’re giving you money and you want them to be happy. Green screen photography or a photo booth give guests a picture to remember the event by. A casino night gives out prizes, and a magician leaves people with signed cards and bills. Make sure to include a trinket that people keep to remember your event.


Fifth and most important - say 'Hi' to your guests. Make a personal connection. Obviously, you’re going to be very busy that night, so delegate this task. Volunteers who already know your organization are great picks. Another great way to say, “Hello. You’re appreciated.” is to hire a professional entertainer such as a magician or a stilt walker. Fundraisers are often about charities that perform a personal service. That personal connection should extend to guests at a fundraiser. Hire an entertainer.

When fun is added to a fundraiser guests; stay longer, give more, speak of you fondly, and come back next year..

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