Cincinnati Western Entertainment for Adults and Kids

  • Western Mechanical Bull: Our mechanical bull will twist and turn and even keep score! Compare your time to the best time of the evening! Specially softened, so anyone can ride and to prevent injuries. Take a cowboy ride in the old west. Cincinnati Western Mechanical Bull.
  • Western Trick Rope Artist: A cowboy in Cincinnati was ranked one of America’s top ten trick rope artists! He will mesmerize you with his lasso work and then teach your cowboys and cowgirls how to do it! It's a great hands-on trick rope experience and you'll feel like a real cowboy in the old west. Fun for kids and adults! Cincinnati Western Trick Rope Artist.
  • Western Lassoing Workshop: Throw a rope cowboy! We’ll provide practice cattle and sheep. Our Old West Cowboy will teach this useful skill for child wrangling. Cincinnati Western Lassoing Workshop
  • Western Pioneer Knife Thrower: Experience the thrill of pioneer knife throwing! Our expert pioneer knife thrower will educated and impress! Then he’ll hand you a 1 pound Davy Crocket sized knife and teach you how throw. Cincinnati Western Pioneer Knife Thrower.
  • Western Whip Cracking Cowboy: Give your western event authenticity with the crack or a whip! Our whip cracking cowboy will show off tricks and entertain. Cincinnati Western Whip Cracking Cowboy.
  • Western Pioneer Fire Performer: What's better than a rain dance? A fire dance! Surprise your cowboys and cowgirls with this exciting twist on the old west. Cincinnati Western Pioneer Fire Performer.
  • Western Cowboy Living Statue: A Western Living Statue of an old west cowboy is a great way to add class and intrigue to your western event. The Cowboy Living Statue is great for photos, decor, and lots of laughter. Cincinnati Western Cowboy Living Statue.
  • Western Riverboat Magician: Great Cowboy Magic, done River Boat-Gambler style. Cincinnati Western Riverboat Magician.
  • Western Riverboat Juggler: Performing fascinating Western tricks, laying people down and juggling over top of them, letting people toss him balls, and eating fire! (Optional). Cincinnati Western Riverboat Juggler.
  • Western Palm Reader: Gather round this Prognosticator, she’ll read your palm and pronounce your future! Cincinnati Western Palm Reader.
  • Western Stilt Walking Sheriff: Greet your cowboys and cowgirls in a BIG way with this tall drink of water! Your cowboys and cowgirls will love the "the long leg of the law!" Cincinnati Western Stilt Walker.
  • Western Caricatures: Draw everyone in a Western way. Caricatures are a great keepsake of your Western event. Cincinnati Western Caricatures.
  • Western Old Time Photos: Old Time Photography taken with an Old West looking camera! We’ll provide the Western props and the Western back drop. Western photos printed out on site, or burned to a disc. Cincinnati Western Old Time Photos.
  • Western Cattle drive music: Acoustic cowboy and campfire player. This western acoustic guitarist knows all the lonesome prairie melodies. Cincinnati Western Music.
  • Western Henna Tattoo Artist: Dressed as a Native American, our artist will create free-handed body art that you can show off to friends. Henna tattoos are all natural, and last one to three weeks. Cincinnati Western Henna Tattoo.
  • Western Face Painting: They do anything from Old West "war paint", to  Western "prairie scenes". Our western face painters can paint anything! We use only the best materials, and your kids will look amazing! Cincinnati Western Face Painting.
  • Western Balloon Artist: Western balloon art: from balloon bows & arrows, to balloon pistols and belts. Cowboy balloon artists can make any Western balloon sculpture. Cincinnati Western Balloon Art.

Cincinnati Western Saloon Entertainment

  • Western Casino tables: Old West saloon-casino games made of all oak, with professional dealers, are great adult additions for a Western event. Any Old West casino game is possible in your saloon! Cincinnati Western Casino Tables.
  • Western Casino Craps
  • Western Casino Texas Hold'em
  • Western Blackjack
  • Western 21
  • Western Roulette
  • Western Can-Can Dancers: Welcome your cowboys and cowgirls with Can-Can Dancers, then have them put on a Hoedown! Cincinnati Western Can-Can Dancers.
  • Western Saloon Piano players: No Western saloon is complete without a cowboy piano player! Choose Western, or just fun music. Cincinnati Western Saloon Piano Players.
  • Western Saloon Games: Old West blacksmiths used to make hand puzzles for the saloons that put them up in rooms. These table top games are fun, and a great way to add Western décor. Cincinnati Western Saloon Games.

Cincinnati Western Décor

  • Western Tee Pee: This giant reproduction old west tee pee will be the hit of your event! 26’ tall! Cincinnati Western Tee Pee.
  • Western Cut Outs: 4x8 vertical western cutouts. Featuring the "Cowboys, Cowgirls, Outlaw, and more. Cincinnati Western Photo Cut Outs.
  • Western Barrels: Quarter barrels, half barrels, full barrels. Cincinnati Western Barrels.
  • Western Wagon Wheels: Wagon wheels. Great Old West decor. Cincinnati Western Wagon Wheels.
  • Western Game Booths: Created from bales of hay to achieve that authentic ranch feel. Cincinnati Western Games.
  • Western Projections: Gun fights, showdowns, horse chases, and more. Cincinnati Western Projections.
  • Western Authentic Teepee: An authentic Native American TeePee makes for a true Old West ambiance.
  • Western Jail House: Want to get even? Talk to the Sheriff and have a colleague-or even your boss, thrown in the slammer! Cincinnati Western Jail House.

Western Theme Gallery