Are you looking for some great, yet simple entertainment options? Book one of our atmosphere entertainers for your event.

They are specially trained, family friendly, and put all efforts towards making your event the talk of the town1 This is not merely a job, it’s a way of life.

Cincinnati Circus offers a wide variety of entertainers, from jugglers to living statues, that will compliment any event. See what we have to offer below; and, like always, if you don’t see it… just ask. Custom creations are welcome!

Entertainment Options:

Take a moment to look over our entertainment options. If you’ve got something else in mind that isn’t on our list, just ask!




Have you ever been mesmerized by a juggler? We have them. Jugglers are an amazing addition to any event. They’ll keep the crowds entertained for hours, juggling balls, clubs (pins), rings, and (GASP!) even knives!

Want an even cooler experience? You can request a juggling duo, working back and forth with each other and even with willing pedestrians!


Balloon Artists

Every child’s dream. Our balloon artists are the best in the region. They are talented, friendly, and determined to give every kid at your event a balloon.

They can be placed on stilts or even stroll around at ground level. Our balloon artists can also wear costumes to match the theme of your event (very popular, especially during the holiday season).


Fire Performers

What could be more awesome than a performer interacting with flaming objects? Fire performers are a great addition to any event. We have a variety of fire performers, from fire jugglers (most popular) to fire poi artists.

Rather than the standard red shirt and baseball cap, our performers usually wear jet black shirts and hats; adding to the experience.

Safety when fire performing is our #1 concern. We have trained professionals so don’t worry… Just enjoy the show!


French Mimes

Silence is golden! French mimes are a classic addition to your lineup of strolling entertainment. Great for any event.

Also availabe, the “Paint O Mime.” One of our more unique options, the Paint O Mime is dressed in all white, like a canvas, and entertains while surrounded by painting supplies. Guests are then encouraged to walk up and paint the mime.


Origami Artists

Our strolling oragami artists posess some amazing skills, and are a great compliment to balloon artists.


Strolling Table

What? A strolling table? Why yes, we have one! Our strolling table puts a unique twist on finger foods as they meander about the room, engage with your guests, and even twirl across the dance floor. Can your table do that?

Also available, the “head through the table.” Perfect for halloween parties, or for those looking to give a hillarious suprise.



Who isn’t mystified by a great magic show? Our award winning magicians will leave you with more questions than answers…in a good way of course!

The best part is, our magicians can stroll around your event, performing acts that bewilder the human mind, and amaze in the process.


Living Statues

Statues can add a lot of ambience to a specific place, event or location. You know what’s really cool though? Statues that are alive!

The only company to offer living statues in the midwest, Cincinnati Circus Company living statues are top notch. Our statues are painted head to toe in spectacular color, complete with matching clothing. Statues can stroll around your event, then out of no where, freeze. Our statues can be comical, and at times some real pranksters!

View some of our Living Statue Themes below, or check out our dedicated living statue website at www.alivingstatue.com for more details!


Stilt Walkers

Have you ever felt really short, and I mean REALLY short? Our stilt walkers have a tendancy to give that illusion.

8′, 10′, 12′, and taller… our stilt walkers are as much of a reference point as a performer! You may even be asked to meet someone “by the really tall guy”.

Our professionally trained stilt walkers can treck across grass, pavement, anywhere you name it. They really amp up the party and they are engaging, talented, and a lot of fun! A large variety of costumes available. See our list of Stilt Walkers and options below.

Living Statues: Costuming & Theme Options

Our living statues are just like real statues, but much more entertaining. You decide where they go, and they’ll stand on top of their pedestal in all their shimmering glory. Don’t see what your looking for? Have some ideas of your own? Give us a call and don’t hesitate to ask!


See more about our living statues here…