Dr. Jen Mott has been with Cincinnati Circus Company since 2006 as a juggler, stilt-walker, balloon artist, and fire performer. During that time, she graduated with her undergraduate degree in Secondary Education for Spanish and completed her Master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction from University of Cincinnati.

Additionally, in 2020 Dr. Mott defended her dissertation on Teacher Perseverance in order to complete a Doctorate in Leadership Studies at Xavier University. She has served as an Adjunct Instructor for the Educational Administration program there, as well. While Cincinnati Circus Company has been her consistent weekend and summer job for over a decade, Dr. Mott has continued to serve the students and staff of Greater Cincinnati in a variety of capacities as a Spanish and Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

After classroom teaching, Dr. Mott moved into school administration as an Assistant Principal and Athletic DIrector. Currently, she is a middle school Assistant Principal and Athletic Director in one of the largest public school districts in Ohio.

In addition to her daily duties in the community that she serves, Dr. Mott has performed at a multitude of school presentations for students and/or staff. Specific topics most commonly presented about have included bringing out the potential in each of us - staff & students alike and character education. Most recently, as a graduate of Heroic Public Speaking, she has started expanding her message of capturing our full potential and saying YES to new opportunities in order to reach businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and creatives.

In her free time, Dr. Mott can be found planning trips, booking flights, and traveling across the country and internationally. Pre-pandemic she traveled to 10 countries on 40 flights in 2019 alone! As travel picks back up, she has enjoyed getting to South Africa to perform and serve there and is looking forward to more new opportunities to come since she is passionate about adventure, new experiences & cultures, and continually learning along the journey.

Groups can work with Dr. Mott any time they need help motivating leaders, employees, students and/or parents in unique, engaging ways that incorporate juggling and/or balloon storytelling from a professional in the field!

Keynote Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Juggler, Stilt-Walker, Balloon Artist, and Fire Performer.

"Sitting in Jen's session, I took away a better way to view things."

"Ms. Mott was quite the entertainer. It would be a joy to get to work with her. She was also a good instructor."

"Jen captured my attention when she reminded me that each student is much more than a number and a data point."

"Jen is a gifted public speaker with the added talent of actual juggling. It was an informative and entertaining talk on the realities and road blocks for quality character education."

"Jen Mott is a fantastic speaker! This is my second session with her and I love listening to her speak. Her enthusiasm is contagious."

"She reminded us that how we interact with each individual student personally affects the climate of their day and influences the choices they make.​"

"Jen's presentation was simply amazing! Her method of correlating her message with juggling made the session very enjoyable, as well as informative."

"Jen Mott's presentation on Planboard was amazing! It was fast-paced, dynamic, fun, and most of all very substantive!"

"Jen did an excellent job delivering her message to the teachers in the session."

"It was obvious from the beginning that Jen knows how to build relationships. She immediately had my attention and respect!"

"The session I attended that was by far the most entertaining was seeing Jen Mott juggle as she talked to us about Incorporating Character Education into the Curriculum. She was an amazing presenter and gave us a lot of information about how things have been done in the past compared to how we can make character education an organic part of our classroom and building. Her presentation was so motivating and positive that, because of it, I went back the next day and started implementing something new."

"I loved this presenter's energy. Her passion for what she was presenting was evident."

"Jen was an extremely entertaining presenter who spoke while juggling and interacting with her audience throughout the presentation. She described the challenges that teachers face today as a juggling act."

"I cannot say enough things about this educator. Her outlook and innovation were wonderful and the session was so informative and entertaining!"

"My favorite session of the day was presented by Jen Mott. She had everyone fixated not only on what she was saying but by her awesome juggling abilities. She enunciated her points clearly, while visually illustrating them using juggling balls."

"Jen Mott's energy and positivity from a previous session drew me back for this one; she did not disappoint this time either."

"Jen Mott had me sold with her enthusiastic attitude towards Planboard. I have never seen anyone so excited about lesson planning."

"Jen Mott did an amazing job of illuminating just what it feels like to be an educator."

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