Nikki is an enigma with her many different artistic skills. At one event she will awe the crowd with her array of beautiful aerial acrobatic skills or palm reading. At the next she may leave them in shock or gross them out with her hilarious (and kid friendly if needed) sideshow acts. Then she may blow them away with incredible face or body painting.

A true artist and wild child, Nikki is next to fearless and will prove it. Fire eating, lying in a cockroach coffin, getting a rose whipped out of her mouth, and so much more. You won’t want to miss her next appearance!

Big show
Stunt show
Fire (staff, dragon staff, rope dart, eating, transfers)
Aerial Bartending
Cockroach Coffin
Whip Cracking
Face/body painting
Aerial teaching/assistance
Glass walking
Sword ladder
Blow dart
Living statue
Electric chair
Palm reading

Nikki has performed all over the midwest and is willing to go even further.

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Nikki's Photo Gallery

Contact Us Today! (513) 921-5454