There are many options to make a great Team Building activity. We have our favorites, and here are three must-do Corporate Team Building events!

We suggest to embrace the classics!  Company picnics in the summer, and a holiday parties in December or January are the first two that we think are best.  If you’re not doing these, you need to.

It’s that third Team Building event that is a toughie for most people. The last Team Building event should be creative, unique, break people out of their normal routine, and if possible…their comfort zone.  Most importantly, it should re-enforce team work.  Consider your group, their ages, personalities, and their physical abilities. If you’re excluding people from the beginning, then you’ve missed the point of team building!  Don’t worry, there are activities that include everyone that are still extremely fun. Team building is about the company, and about bringing the employees together to create a more productive work environment. Consider a sports night with competitive games, or a game show night where people are divided up into teams.  Make sure there is a challenge for every skill level, so the person who isn’t athletic, or someone who isn’t trivia savvy, has a chance to shine. Perhaps a Murder Mystery Dinner for an older team would be exciting, or a Spy School for a more energetic team! Your imagination in the only limit we give you! Team Building is a nice way to have everyone together, not working, and to give the boss a chance to give out prizes.

For more team building options, or just to ask questions from someone who has hosted hundreds of team building events, call the Cincinnati Circus Company toll free (855) 921-5454.

Other Amazing Offerings

Game Shows
Game shows are a great way to have fun and test your teams knowledge. We have several games style after popular TV game shows that will guarantee a good time is had by all. We can provide the questions or customize the questions to suit your team.
team-building-smallTeam Building
The Cincinnati Circus provides a unique approach to team building activities that you won't find any where else. Our activities, games and shows promote teamwork and trust while everyone has a great time.
face-painting-smallFace Painting
Our face painters make a perfect addition to any event. After proms, casino night parties, carnivals, and birthday parties are all enhanced by adding face painting. And it's not just for kids either, adult only parties love face painting too!
inflatables-smallInflatable Rentals
We're bounce experts with a huge inventory of inflatables. Our inventory includes inflatable obstacle courses, giant inflatable games, inflatable water slides, bounce houses and more.
balloon-artist-smallBalloon Artists
Our balloon artists are the best in the business and make a great addition to any event. It's not a party with out a balloon artist.

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