It’ll soon be Easter here in Cincinnati – do you have your Annual Easter Egg Hunt already planned?

Every Spring the little ones gather for Easter Egg Hunts all across Cincinnati! Event planners scratch their heads trying to think of things to occupy the little ones. One country club manager told me that her first year directing the Annual Easter egg hunt, as soon as the kids came outside a mad rush for the eggs ensued! It was pandemonium! The challenges are the same regardless of your location, so here are some activities that will help your Easter Egg Hunt run smoother.

If you’re having an Easter Brunch, the kids will eat faster than the adults… so pick up a few giant kids games and place them around the edges of the room! You can even hire a juggler who can juggle plastic eggs and occupy the kids, or maybe even a magician who strolls from table to table. The point is- give Mom and Dad a break! They’ve already spent a lot of energy trying to get the kids up and dressed for your event. A quick word of warning – think twice about hiring a face painter. If you do, your Easter pictures may be slightly more ‘colorful’ than the previous years!

While the Easter Egg Hunt is mostly for the younger kids, you still have others who are older that might appreciate some entertainment. Stage shows are great for medium to large groups. What’s better than watching a magician pull a bunny from his hat while the kids scour the grounds for eggs?

You could also hire a stilt walker who acts as your events 8ft tall concierge and ‘information desk’. For some weird reason, everyone will ask the stilt walker for directions…maybe it’s because they can see the entire event from that height! Make sure you keep your stilt walker in the loop. As a former stilt walker, I can tell you this always happens…so use it to your advantage! You will be busy hiding Easter Eggs, and you don’t want them to be asking you!

Keep some Easter Eggs in your office. After the hunt is done, there may be a child that needs an extra egg, and that’s when you say, “Ya know there may be one place the Easter Bunny hid some eggs that no one has looked!” This is a great surprise for them.

Other activities that are fun for Easter Egg Hunts include: Glitter tattoos, carnival games, inflatable moon bounces, and much more…just ask us! If you have a lot of kids go with an inflatable slide instead, if you have older kids go with an inflatable obstacle course! The sky is the limit!

Best Wishes and Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

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