Fundraisers are an important aspect that individuals and companies across the world use to give back to their communities.

Although this is generous, it can be difficult to come up with ideas that would entice others to participate along with you. Not only that, but you want an increase in donation dollars, and you may not be getting that every year. Cincinnati Circus Company has come up with a few suggestions to put the “Fun” back in “Fundraiser” all while increasing Donation Dollars!

The first thing to think about is if you are going to have a Theme. Two popular themes to consider are “Carnival” and “Casino Night”.

Don’t forget decorations! After you choose your theme, your decor must match and add to the atmosphere you are providing for your guests. Professional Event Planning companies can help you decide what would work best for your particular theme.

Next, choose your location and catering. Your event planner can give you plenty of options. (Catering Companies, Food Trucks, Venues, ect)

You will want to have a “Wow Factor” for guests to remember (and plan to come back to) year after year. Exciting examples are: Aerial Bartenders, Fire Eaters, LED Hoola Hooping, Stilt-Walking Jugglers, and Strolling Magicians!

Entertainment for your guests is vital for a successful event. You must consider the theme, age group, and other variables when choosing your entertainment. Don’t forget a DJ to keep the party going, and think about an Emcee for announcements as well.

Family Fun entertainment options include: Face Painters, Photo Booths, Balloon Artists, and Magicians. You should always ask for suggestions from your Event Planner too!
Physical entertainment examples: Inflatable Games, Carnival Games, Ziplines, and Wet or Dry Inflatable Slides.

Now to the easy way of increasing the donation dollars! Charging a fee to ride the Zipline, the Inflatable Slide, or other rides is always a great way to increase funds. Children especially will want to take more than one turn; and parents will feel good giving to your cause while simultaneously making their child happy!

Doing a Raffle or Split-the-Pot is also a surefire way to quickly get some dough for those in need!

Finding the right venue and theme might be difficult to ensure donation increases; but have faith in your event planner, that’s what they specialize in! If you want the best of the best, use a company that has been in Cincinnati for more than 20 years (and has the skills you need to have a perfect Fundraiser)!

To get your party started, call Cincinnati Circus Company at (513) 921-5454 or email at

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